For all the hockey fanatics out there, this is the page for you. Whether you're a 40 year-old degenerate sports gambler or a 20 year-old student who is interested in reading about their favourite team, we have all demographics taken care of.  From team rankings to major headlines to just crazy stories in the world of hockey, we have you covered. We just ask that you don't get offended when bash your team.

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All things NHL will be covered here. NHL Rankings, predictions, major headlines can all be seen here and more. Find out more here!


For all the local fans of the PJHL and anyone else who may follow the league. Rankings, player reviews, and all other PJHL news all in one spot. Click to discover more!

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For other hockey news and coverage of other leagues. We discuss the BCHL, WHL, and any other wild hockey news that appears in the headlines.