• Gabe S-Fu

Virtual Fitness Classes | Staying Active While Being in Lockdown Again

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

As we head into week 2 of our "lockdown," getting exercise can be tough these days. It’s getting colder outside and the virus is spreading in large numbers around the metro Vancouver area, so some of us may be less inclined to go to the gym, especially if there is no opportunity to socially distance. Since the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health regions have limited a lot of the in-person exercise classes, here are some virtual exercise classes offered by UBC clubs and organizations that you can participate in, for no or little cost.

Get Active at Home

UBC Recreation has offered a few different free classes to get active. Their goal is to “bring movement to all.” and they have a variety of different ways and opportunities to help you stay active through Instagram Live and Zoom.

Instagram Live

Cost: Free

They offer an Instagram live exercise class every Thursday afternoon, led by their Move U Crew. This is an easy way to watch instructors demonstrate exercises and participate at your own pace. Great for people who just want to get out of their study space and into an exercise space.

Virtual Fitness Classes Through Zoom

Cost: Free

Another way that UBC recreation offers exercise is through Zoom. I’m sure we’re all familiar with Zoom and probably have made an account. If you aren’t sick of using the meeting platform, you can join one of their 4 virtual classes listed below.

Dryland Class, Every Day at 1pm PST.

Flow Yoga, Every Monday at 7am to 7:55am PST and Every Wednesday at 4pm to 4:55pm PST

Lunch Crunch (some sort of movement class that does not involve eating), Every Tuesday at 12pm to 12:55pm PST.

The classes can be found with the link below.


UBC Clubs

Another way to join virtual exercise classes is through the clubs at UBC. Here are a few clubs that offer virtual classes for different types of movement.

UBC Yoga Club

Cost: $2

Just like everything else in our lives, UBC Yoga Club offers virtual yoga classes. At a small price of 2 dollars for a drop in, you can get cheap yoga instructed by their members. They offer classes quite frequently, but it varies on their calendar. Below is their website to find out more.


UBC Pilates Club

Cost: $5

The UBC Pilates Club is another club that offers virtual movement classes. Unlike yoga, which is more calm, pilates can be more up-tempo and works to improve your posture and core strength. With that being said, they offer 5 drop in sessions for 5 dollars, 10 dollars for the term and 15 dollars for the year. If you show up to a lot of classes, it can be worth it. They offer classes Monday to Thursday, once a day. If this is something that interests you, take a look at their website down below.


Youtube Videos

Cost: Free

While this is not UBC based, Youtube offers plenty of virtual workouts or fitness classes that promote an active lifestyle. Whether it is pre-recorded or a livestream, there are many videos that can help you get active.