• Jason Wheeler

New COVID-19 Regulations & Restrictions [Dr. Bonnie Henry] – Vancouver Going Into Lockdown Again

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

dr bonnie henry news release

It feels like Dejà vu, as BC is going into yet another quarantine lockdown, this time to a slightly lesser extent. Following a large spike in daily cases, at over 500 new cases per day, Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s provincial health officer called a news conference to address this rise in cases. During the conference they went over the following new regulations taking effect on top of already existing preventative measures. 

  • All group activities are cancelled (effective 10:00pm Saturday). This includes all sporting events, fitness classes and other indoor group activities.

  • Gatherings are now limited to households only, meaning that the “safe six” (group of maximum 6 friends) are no longer permitted until after the 23rd of November.

  • These new regulations will last from this Saturday (November 7th) at 10:00pm to November 23rd.

  • Only essential in and out of the province will be allowed.

  • There will be a follow up press conference this Monday where Dr. Bonnie Henry will address more of the regulations and answer questions from the general public.

vancouver covid 19 crowd gathering

These new regulations are quite hefty, however they do come at a crucial time that is important in preventing the spread of the virus. I am glad to see BC health officials taking preventative actions before the virus gets too far out of control. It is also so important that they are acting in a way to “control” the public, as without firm regulations in place, part of the public will act in a way that simply puts more people in danger. As we recently experienced, downtown Vanoucver and the Granville strip were hot spots for party-goers on Halloween night, where a third party looking in likely wouldn’t be able to tell that we were in the middle of a pandemic. There was hardly any social distancing, no masks being worn and no f*cks being given. The only social distancing visible was between the greasy looking guys and the good looking girls they were trying to flirt with...

large Vancouver crowd coronavirus

Although the majority of the population is being diligent and looking at the bigger picture in terms of overcoming this pandemic, there will always be the rebel group who will be putting themselves and others in vulnerable positions. As much as it sucks, it is the harsh reality, and so these next few weeks of the new quarantine guidelines will simply act as a way to get BC virus cases under control and hopefully get us back on track to overcoming this pandemic.