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UBC Sorority Rankings 2020 – University of British Columbia Greek Life Rankings and Reviews

With school going online this year, a lot of people expected greek life to die down, especially after the very public bashing it received last year. However, it appears that is not the case as frats and sororities are both gearing up to come back with a bang. Although most frats have elected to have in person rush (didn't expect anything else from the boys), the panhellenic council has elected to have an online rush. Struggling to decide which sorority is for you? Our team might have some insight. Here is our surprisingly unbiased ranking of UBC sororities. 

8. Alpha Omicron Pi (AOΠ)

Although it is rare to hear anything bad said about specific girls at AOIPi, they're consistently rated at the bottom of the sororities. In our experience, the girls are always really kind and genuine, but it's pretty well known knowledge that this sorority is a back up choice for most girls who land up there. No one goes in to rush saying they want AOPi, that being said, being in AOPi isn't a bad thing. They have a really strong sisterhood and have a consistent philanthropy. They may not have the strongest relationships with the frats but I think that they prioritize sisterhood more than frats, which some may consider more important.

7. Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ)

Theta has a stereotype of being the “smart” sorority, that being said, their grade average compared to other sororities is surprisingly not the highest. However, Theta does hold their members to higher academic standards than other sororities with mandatory study sessions. Despite academic performance being their priority, they also know how to have fun. They always show up at exchanges and are there to have fun, as the frats probably already know. Theta however does not have the best inter-sorority relations. Somehow, they often rub people the wrong way and tend to be bashed online a lot. Their philanthropy has a good cause (who doesn't love children), but their actual events are always just eh.

6. Alpha Gamma Delta (ΑΓΔ)

Alpha Gam is known as the athletic sorority, mostly because they have a lot of intramural teams that actually know how to play sports. Their philanthropy is also sports based and it can be a ton of fun. The attitude and the diversity of these girls is admirable . We get strong independent women vibes from them and they have a super strong sisterhood. Their members seem to actually really love each other and it's amazing to see because that's what sororities are supposed to be for. That being said they don't have the greatest frat relations, similarly to AOII, but if that's not the reason you're joining a sorority, this might be the place for you. 

5. Alpha Phi (AΦ)

Alpha Phi is a pretty well established sorority outside of UBC with a somewhat negative reputation because of their rushing rules that were leaked years before. However, the UBC chapter of alpha phi definitely differs. They’re pretty diverse and UBC has a really strong no hazing policy, so they definitely stray from the harsh Alpha Phi stereotype of their sisters down south. Alpha phi, from what we’ve heard doesn't have the best sisterhood and has recently come under fire for not supporting a sister who was sexually assaulted, but think they think  they have likely learnt from their mistakes. Other than their average sisterhood, they do seem to have pretty good relations with the frats and seem overall well liked in and out of the greek system. They also have very solid inter-sorority relations and are really well-rounded, many of them having a visible presence in different clubs on campus. 

4.Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKΓ)

Are you surprised? Because we’re surprised. We didn't expect to rate them this low but after evaluating the rest, we had to. KKG consistently is rated at the top, but when you think about why they’re at the top, it's always solely about the looks. Yes, the girls in Kappa are stunning and there is no doubt about it, but that's not the only quality taken into account when making these rankings. These girls are pretty and they know it so they tend to put lower effort into their relations with frats. They know the frats will always try hard for them, so they don't tend to put in the same effort. Also can anyone who isn't in Kappa name their philanthropy? We weren't able to. Despite their lesser known philanthropy and one sided frat relations, they have a very strong sisterhood and seem to value good inter-sorority relations. 

3. Delta Gamma (ΔΓ)

Delta Gamma is a pretty well rounded sorority. Nothing exceptional, but just kinda average in every aspect. They have average frat relations and okay inter-sorority relations. They’re not as diverse as they pretend to be which is pretty disappointing as they seem to pride themselves on their non-existent diversity. We rated them higher because Delta Gamma won top all round sorority this previous year.  They also had the highest grade average and won songfest due to a pretty impressive performance. Although they have a pretty unique philanthropy event,I’ve heard it's not well attended by people in the greek system who aren’t good friends with DG’s, so that's something to keep in mind.

2.Alpha Delta Pi (AΔΠ)

ADPI has always consistently been rated near the top and for good reason. They have really good frat relations and go above and beyond to maintain them. They also have a really good philanthropy in both the fall and spring which are well attended by most of the greek system. The girls in ADPI genuinely seem to care about their fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House. The biggest downfall about ADPI is their sisterhood. We’ve heard many stories about the way the girls in this sorority treat each other and sometimes, it’s not great. Although most sororities have clique’s, ADPI is notorious for them. Lots of girls seem to drop; however, the girls that stay seem really happy. If joining a sorority is more about the philanthropy and frat relations more than this sisterhood, you might find your home here.

1. Gamma Phi Beta (ΓΦΒ)

Probably for the first time ever, Gamma Phi Beta is number one. After comparing Gamma Phi to the other sororities we struggled to come up with anything negative to say, so we decided to put them at the top. They’re well liked across the greek system. They are diverse and have a strong sisterhood. Although they’ve had some not so great members in the past, they’ve really moved beyond that and focused on improving their sorority and it really shows.

That concludes our preliminary rankings for UBC sororities. We know that our rankings wont be agreed upon, but we hope our explanations make sense. To the girls who are rushing this year, try not to take this list too seriously because you may be surprised by who you connect with. Additionally, everyone has their own unique experience in a sorority including tons of positive experiences that aren't included in this ranking, so it doesn't mean that everything written in this article is something you will experience.

Stay tuned for advice about rushing a sorority at UBC.