• Emily Yeung

UBC Science First Year Guide 2020 | Tips & Tricks for 1st Year at the University of British Columbia

Two students in a science class using a DNA structure and a cylinder with chemicals

As many students are not starting their first year of university completely online, we have compiled some tips, tricks and resources specifically for students entering the science faculty at UBC

  • There are several required classes that are needed to obtain your degree including 6 credits of communications, 12 credits of arts classes, 72 credits in science, minimum 3 credits of major and 48 credits of upper year electives. You can find more information about required electives here: https://science.ubc.ca/students/requirements/faculty

  • Visit science advising for advice and information on how to best plan your courses for your desired major. They are currently doing their meetings through zoom and you can find more information here: https://science.ubc.ca/students/advising

  • Attend Science Undergrad Society events. SUS is one of the best undergrad societies in my opinion. You can tell the people in sus are passionate about the events they throw and make a good attempt to connect with science students. If your ever near the nest and see a small blue tent and music playing, that's SUS. SUS first week is happening from September 8-11 this year and they have tons of fun activities with prizes. Here is the link for more information: https://sus.ubc.ca

  • Book Abdul lahda Science Centre. The science centre is a space that all science students are allowed to use to study or just relax. You can even book specific study rooms through the SUS website, which according to their website is available despite covid. Grab some study buddies and a book a room here: https://sus.ubc.ca/bookings/

  • Attend the meet your major event. Science hosts an event once a year with all advisors and senior students from every specialization in one room  (might be a zoom room this year tbh). This is a really great opportunity learn more about different specializations that science has and to ask questions to students who are currently in that major

  • Connect with a peer academic coach. You can book a time slot with a  peer coach who can help you reach your goals in first year. They are confidential, online and pretty flexible. Learn more here: https://science.ubc.ca/students/spac

Congratulations on making it to UBC. We hope these tips help out with your first year!