• Chris Larson

UBC's Update on Student Fees and UPass : The Truth

Hello there, UBC students. I think we all received that email recently that talked about student fees and how they will be “helping us out”. There was also the email regarding how we still need to get a UPass. Let’s take a look at that email at the student fees email first. The first thing they addressed was the AMS Athletics and Intramural Fees. They explained how AMS has “temporarily exempt students” from the fee. I mean I’m not too sure why they have to temporarily exempt it, why don’t they just completely scratch everything. But it’s only 20 bucks so I guess it’s not really a big deal. I can imagine when UBC does go back to normal they will just charge us the same price for the second semester but whatever, that’s like 4 junior chicken meals going to waste. The second thing they addressed is the one that I find kinda bullshit. The Athletics and Recreation Fees are apparently “delayed until your next registered term in the 2020/21 academic year.” I had a little difficulty understanding this at first but then I realized we will be paying the same amount for potentially only half the year. Let me rephrase that because that probably made no sense. But pretty much, the 230 that we usually pay for the whole year, will only be for half the year. I slept through most of my econ class but even I know that time value of money ain’t gonna help us that much. And here is UBC acting like they're doing us a huge favour. Thanks UBC, thanks for saving us money right now just so that we have to give it to you guys later. What the fuck, we’re in a damn pandemic. I know there’s some people who like to go swim or some shit but this should be completely cancelled until most people are actually gonna be using these facilities. Even then, we should only be paying half the cost because it is half the year that we’ll be able to use the facilities. Also, given that Covid is still around but they allow people to use the facilities, what if they don’t feel comfortable going into these public spaces. The other email to address is the UPass one that is more recent. They sent out an email saying that the UPass program will be continuing for September and that some people may qualify for an exemption. The two requirements were that the person must be taking all of their classes online and they don’t live in the lower mainland. First of all, I’m assuming that a large portion of students are only taking online classes but my math could be wrong on that. The Lower Mainland is quite a large geographical region and I learned that the Fraser Valley is actually part of the Lower Mainland so the more you know. This is pretty ridiculous. What reason could there possibly be to give us a bus pass during a Global Pandemic. Shouldn’t we be at home or staying locally like big boys and girls instead of hoping on a bus. And where do we need to be bussing to. It’s not like there’s many people commuting everyday to UBC from wherever they are. There’s no good logic other than the fact that UBC can pocket a couple more dollars off of us. I’m not sure what the agreement between UBC and Translink is but I can imagine both sides are getting some good money out of it. Take this UPass and you can shove it up your ass UBC. As a large institution in BC, you shouldn’t be promoting travel especially as cases are going up. Shouldn’t you guys be a leader with these kinda things instead of trying to make an extra profit while a lot of students are struggling to even just pay their tuition? I mean we’re already getting scammed for tuition as it’s online and you guys still want us to pay the same price. To be fair I don’t really care about that because I know you guys are here to take our money so you can build some shitty piece of infrastructure to make the school more appealing to the international students who will be paying like a million bucks to come here. I’m getting side-tracked. The bottom line is that UBC is here for the money which is to no one's surprise and I think I speak for most people when I write this blog. To the ones who don’t care, congrats, you have more money than I do. I just hope UBC uses the money a little better, the gym equipment is like 30 years old in some places. If UBC really cared, they would cover these costs and not pawn off their own students. Well, that’s my two cents.