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UBC Frat Rankings 2020 – University of British Columbia Greek Life Rankings and Reviews

Life at UBC is going to be changing drastically during this year of online classes, especially for UBC organizations that heavily rely on the social aspect of university. Frats & sororities alike are in for difficult times as they continue to cope with the challenges associated with the provincial and federal regulations and limitations. That being said, part of our team wanted to take a look at the previous year, and go over our “preliminary” rankings going into the 2020/2021 school year. All of our rankings are based on the input of numerous people from within greek life, outside of greek life and from the lovely anonymous keyboard warriors on greek rank. 

ubc fraternities rankings

The categories that we predominantly took into consideration were: brotherhood, philanthropy, sorority relations, sports/athletics, parties/exchanges, and their house. As this article has the potential to influence rushees perspective on frats, we have decided to leave out any sorts of allegations as we are not in the position to be playing god and determining who's guilty and whose not. We are also aware that the full story is often not made available surrounding these allegations; therefore, to avoid any conflict for legal actions we have decided to stick to the above categories for determining each frats rankings. 

As mentioned above, these are simply early rankings, and sh*t is bound to happen throughout the year to move frats up and down the rankings, but here are the rankings as of now. 

10. Zeta Psi (Zeta)

This one may come as a shocker to many but Zeta is going to rank at the bottom of the UBC fraternities. Honestly I’m starting to think Zeta is just a myth. Like has anyone ever actually been to a Zeta party or seen someone repping Zeta letters before?

zeta psi ubc frat

9. Psi Upsilon (Psi U)

Psi U honestly isn’t a bad frat. Their guys try for sorority relations, they have decent brotherhood, and their members are decently active. Their relations and exchanges aren’t the best but part of that isn’t due to the effort they put in but rather the reputation they have garnered over the previous years. That all being said, they do have the stigma of being the “back-up plan” frat where people go when they don’t get their first, second or third choice, which is one of the main reasons we have them ranked at number 9. Psi U guys are known to be nice guys, and have also made a name for themselves at the annual “Songfest”. 

Psi u ubc frat

8. Alpha Delta Phi (Alpha Delt)

Alpha Delt is mediocre at best. There’s nothing really that wrong with them, but there’s also not really anything great about them either. I have heard on numerous occasions that they likely have the cleanest house in the village, but part of that is probably due to the fact that they don’t have many girls over. Even when they do have sororities over it almost seems like they’re scared to talk to them. Alpha Delt isn’t super involved within the entire Greek community and they definitely don’t stand out in any way, but sometimes that can also be a good thing – better than what DKE & FIJI are known for right now…

alpha delt ubc frat

7. Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPI)

The “jewish frat” is one that is hard to hate on. They’re mostly all nice guys and super respectful. Although I see them as more of a UBC club than a fraternity, I gotta give credit where credit is due, they are great guys, are actively involved within the greek community by participating in other chapters philanthropies, and when the time comes, they know how to party. A big thing holding them back is the fact that they don't have their own house, and that they have to throw events at their Hillel House. That can be seen as either a bad thing, or a good thing in the sense that their events are way cleaner than most frat parties/exchanges. Aepi does have to mooch off of other frats occasionally which can be annoying, however usually they are good sports about it and buy the hosting frat a couple kegs. 

aepi ubc frat

6. Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE)

What a fall from grace… What arguably used to be one of the top houses has recently found itself moving down the ranks. Let’s start with the good stuff first though. They have a pretty nice party layout (2 dance floors) so that’s great for packing in tons of people (although now they have a hard time filling up even one of them), they have above-average brotherhood and they have some great AMS representation and influence. Sometimes their brotherhood can be ‘a bit too good’ as oftentimes girls will feel like they would rather be boolin’ with the boys instead of partying with them. Unless of course it’s Adpi – seemingly the only sorority they care about. The one thing that DKE does have going for them over any other frat is their philanthropy, as they raise a respectable amount each year. DKE does have all the potential to push back to the top tier, however it will require their members to start giving a sh*t when it comes to sororities other than Adpi, rushing better pledge classes, staying out of drama and getting off their high horses. 

dke ubc frat

5. Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji)

These short kings were having an incredibly solid year and were on their way to making a push to be one of the top houses. This past year they had some great parties/exchanges that attracted many sorority girls, and were decently sought after for wednesday’s exchanges. Fiji are fairly active when it comes to athletics while having successful ice hockey teams and soccer teams. Their philanthropy “dodge the stigma” event is a fun and easy-to-participate-in event however, it is nothing too special and mostly just gets lost in the sea of other greek philanthropies. Not to take away from what they do, as it is all for a good cause afterall, the event is well-organized and they do raise respectable amounts to a good cause. The last thing that is holding Fiji back from pushing further up the ranks is their presence within the greek community. Although they are not invincible, it wouldn’t hurt to be more actively involved with other greek life philanthropies and events. 

fiji ubc frat

4. Kappa Sigma (Ksig)

“The international frat”. These guys have a sick house that is capable of hosting the best parties. They have a nice patio set up that is great for open parties, especially during jumpstart. Instead of packing kids into common rooms like sardines, people can be packed like sardines outside where they can actually breathe air that hasn’t been mixed with evaporated bodily fluids. Ksig is known for having exciting exchanges and solid relations with most sororities. Better than their sorority relations is their brotherhood, as oftentimes you will be able to find the Ksig guys huddled in their own circle sharing a cancer-stick or a joint instead of vibing with the girls. You should be warned though, that it’s almost required that you have a visa to get into this frat. Not the credit card (that’s for “Phi Delt the daddy’s money frat”), but rather the international travel visa as it almost seems like they’re all for the anti-racism where they only rush non-white dudes. 

ksig ubc frat

3. Beta Theta Pi (Beta)

Beta is literally what comes to mind when you think of a stereotypical frat. Some greasy guys that love to drink and party – even during a pandemic. Although they aren’t the only frat to throw events, or have “get-togethers”, it is much worse of a look for them when the parties are outdoors on a somewhat busy Westbrook Mall. Pre-pandemic, Beta does throw some respectable parties and has above average sorority relations. They also recently partnered with Phi Delt on “the Drop the Puck for Mental Health” however they mostly just piggy-backed on the backs of the Phi Delt chapter by raising insignificant amounts compared to Phi Delt. Beta is also fairly active in the athletics department (as would be expected from a stereotypical frat) and they have some solid sports teams. The biggest thing Beta is known for is the fact that they have their frat house outside of the greek village, which can be a good thing as it makes for a more unique party experience, but also means that you are further from the other main events. As their name suggests though, these guys are just betas compared to the other top frats.

beta ubc frat

2. Sigma Chi (Sig)

If there’s anything these guys love more than getting wasted at exchanges, it’s going to the gym. Either that or taking steroids, but who knows. Sig has been in a fair share of controversies in the past, however none that have severely stunted their position at the top. Even after getting J-boarded throughout the year, they found a way to turn that around with their appearance at ACF that year, which was actually pretty hype to be honest. Sigma Chi has great sorority relations with many of the top sororities and they put in the effort where it counts. From the outside looking in, these guys may appear to be massive douches, but from closer up they are (for the most part) great guys, with good sorority relations and a tendency to forget to wear shirts. The main thing Sigma Chi lacks is their philanthropic events. Not that theirs is bad, however for a top tier frat, it isn’t a top tier philanthropy. Another common concern with Sig guys is that they are great guys on their own, but once you put them together in a group it just changes the atmosphere. Too much testosterone and big-dick energy creates for some douche vibes, making it easy for guys and girls to hate from the outside looking in. 

sig ubc frat

1. Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt)

No matter who we put at #1, people are going to disagree, but for the sake of our “preliminary ranking” we’re placing Phi Delt at the top. Phi Delt had a great year with a solid pledge class, above average sorority relations/exchanges and a huge upgrade in their philanthropy. Phi Delt has always been an above average frat, and have been consistently climbing the ranks in previous years. Firstly, they have strong sorority relations with some of the top srats and are well known for putting in effort when it comes to relations. The parties/exchanges that they do host have good turn outs from not only the guys, but also from the girls side, and other than some allegations against them, their parties are generally looked-forward to. Brotherhood isn’t as special as some of the other frats but they certainly are not bad (at least they give their attention to girls when they’re over, unlike some other frats). Phi Delt also partnered with Beta this year on their Drop The Puck for Mental Health which was an overwhelming success for their first year, and despite subtly copying DKE’s philanthropy, they still threw a pretty successful event that had a good turn out, but did not raise close to the amounts raised by DKE. Also a little known fact, Phi Delt pulled in the majority of the donations where they put Beta on their backs donations-wise. It also doesn’t hurt that Santa Ono is a Phi Delt alumni. It’s also hard to hate on Phi Delt, they’re basically the Aepi of actual frats. And I’m sure these guys aren’t racist, but they sure do have a lot of rich white guys. 

phi delt ubc frat

And that concludes The Caps Off first “preliminary” frat rankings. Without a doubt there are gonna be people that disagree with this list, and quite frankly we’re not trying to please anyone (despite how much we pumped Phi Delts and other frats tires) and so if you disagree and have other opinions, feel free to leave an anonymous comment down below or check out our Instagram post. 

Also feel free to check out our UBC sorority rankings as well if you’ve already run out of posts to read on GreekRank. We will be continuously updating our rankings throughout the semester, and we encourage you to check back for our next UBC frat/sorority related article. Cheers.