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Top 15 Country Songs From This Summer

1. 7 summers - Morgan Wallen

  • Morgan Wallen's #1 just because this song is unreal it’s catchy, great to play on car rides, or at the beach. Just felt like this is one the songs that don’t get old like “Whiskey Glasses”

2.Down To One - Luke Bryan

  • Luke Bryan’s takes the second spot on this list but not with the song you were expecting. I personally think this song was the diamond in the rough from the “Born Here Live Here Die Here” abum. This song isn’t overly repetitive, it’s super easy to listen to and is overall a super catchy song. Great for car rides and beach parties.

3.Countryside - Florida Georgia Line

  • FLorida Georgia Line takes the #3 spot because of how fun the song is. It's a song that has a solid beat and the lyrics are super easy to get to know and one that gets stuck in your head.

4.Pillow talkin - Tyler Joe Miller

  • Had 0 idea who Tyler Joe Miller was before this song dropped but damn it's a solid song with the exception that the radio killed  it. Super catchy melody and it can get people singing with the tune no problem. Everytime you turn on the radio either this song is playing or “Even Though I’m leaving” by Luke Combs is on.

5.Save Me - Lanco

  • Lanco takes the #5 spot with this solid jam, overall a solid song with a good melody that people that don’t enjoy country music can enjoy. 

6.Boyfriend - HARDY

  • HARDY has put out some good songs the last couple years and this one was good and something you won’t get tired of listening to. 

7.Knockin Boots - Luke Bryan

  • Knockin Boots coming in at #7 overall a great song that get the people singing along, really easy to memorize with some catchy melodies. Reason this song isn’t higher on the list is that the radio also beat the life out of this song

8.Bars - Dallas Smith

  • Although this song is a new release I think this is a very underrated song. I love the beat and how the song is written. It’s very catchy and will definitely help get the party started.

9.One Margarita - Luke Bryan

  • Just like “Knockin Boots” this song was overplayed on the radio but still with the occasional listen it’s an enjoyable song and the fact everyone that somewhat likes country music has heard and memorized this song by now is the reason it sits at #9

10.The Fall - Dallas Smith

  • This ones a bit of a slower one. It’s definitely not a party starter by any means but I think the song is still super good and one that you can just sit back and listen to while on your phone or just vibing

11.Marina Del Rey - Jon Pardi

  • Jon Pardis cover of George Strait's song “Marina Del Rey” is great; it may even be  better than the original. This song is slow and sweet when you’re in your feelings a little bit. This is a great song to listen to and have a solid think.

12.Starting Over - Chris Stapleton

  • I really like how this song sounds kind of raw like it was barely touched by the producer. It’s another one that doesn’t get a party bumpin but this one gives off road trip playlist vibes or out on the lake with a couple friends relaxing. 

13.Magnolia - Brett Eldridge

  • I think Brett Eldridge has put out some underrated songs that are sneaky awesome songs to listen to. I really love the different elements of this song like the piano  and how catchy the chorus is. 

14. Almost Maybes - Jordan Davis

  • This song is just a nice classic summer song, one that the lyrics are easy to learn and one that you don’t mind coming over the speakers on a nice sunny drive or when you’re in a good mood 

15. Skeletons - Brothers Osbourne

  • This ones more like a rock song but this song still is a great tune. Maybe not one you’d play at a party or at the beach but I think this song is great especially if you're in a mood where you’re not wanting to listen to soft country songs. It’s a nice change of pace from the rest of the songs on the list.