• Matt Brown

Top 10 Juice WRLD Songs Of All Time

Approaching the dreaded anniversary of his untimely death, the team decided to reflect on Juice WRLD’s amazing discography that he left us with.

While his lyrical game was solid, Juice WRLD was best known for his flows, melodies, and his unique voice. He was one of the many emerging artists that spearheaded the emo-rap wave. His formula usually revolved around positively-toned beats and melodies, while covering darker and sadder topics in his lyrics.

It’s safe to say Juice WRLD was and is considered one of the legends of his time. Rest in peace.

Before we get into the list, we wanna clarify that we’ll be excluding soundcloud and unreleased songs. Here are some honourable mentions :

I’ll Be Fine

Lean Wit Me



With all that being said, here is our take on Juice WRLD’s top 10 best songs.

wrld on drugs cover art

10. Fine China (With Future)

Coming off of Juice WRLD’s and Future’s collab project “WRLD On Drugs”, “Fine China” boldly approaches with catchy melodies, ear-catching lyrics, and great production from Wheezy.

This song was Juice’s first song after his debut album was released in 2018. It first released in September 2018 (right after the “Lucid Dreams” hype), which essentially helped establish Juice WRLD into the rap game.

While “WRLD On Drugs” unfortunately didn’t live up to the hype, “Fine China” still remains as a great standout single off the project.

legends never die cover art

9. Wishing Well

After Juice WRLD’s untimely and unfortunate demise in 2019, his posthumous album was eventually released in spring/summer 2020. “Wishing Well” was one of the standout songs on the album, solely for being considered a classic Juice WRLD song.

Catchy melodies, pessimistic lyrics, and an upbeat tone. It’s the formula that put Juice on in 2018. I like to believe that people (me included) enjoyed this song solely because it was a fresh taste of nostalgia, while also showing his progression from where he started.

While there were a lot of good songs on “Legends Never Die”, “Wishing Well” stands out as the best.

goodbye and good riddance cover art

8. Used To

Right off the bat, the song starts with an intro that’s intentionally muffled by what sounds like a phone call. It creates a grainy aspect to the song that adds a specific atmosphere and setting to the song. With an electric guitar sample in the back, Juice melodically sings over it and keeps that vibe going. One could argue that “Used To” could be in the ballpark of an Indie track.

A song that wasn’t too popular when the album first dropped, it aged extremely well and captures the essence of that 2018 Juice WRLD that we’ve come to love.

death race for love cover art

7. Empty

“Empty” is a sleeper hit off of Juice’s sophomore album “Death Race For Love”.

“Empty” features extremely ear-catching lyrics, stellar piano-based production, and Juice’s satisfying ability to hit the right notes. The chorus is unique in itself for how Juice holds on to each word just a little longer than expected, but that’s what makes it elite. The verses aren’t tremendous, but they deserve credit for being able to flawlessly transition from aggressive to melodic.

An extremely underrated song that definitely deserves to make the list.

rich and blind cover art

6. Rich and Blind

Produced by Take A Day Trip, “Rich and Blind” was one of two songs that were dedicated to the late rappers XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep.

“Rich and Blind” hits all the necessary aspects of a classic Juice WRLD song while keeping its own originality. What stands out in this song are the reflective lyrics of the emerging common issues in the world, the pitiful habits he partakes in, and his inner demons. Although it is a higher paced song, Juice still manages to keep a good melody throughout the entirety of the track.

A very good song with all the right aspects to put it on the list.

death race for love cover art

5. Robbery

“Robbery” was a song that I actually didn’t like when it initially came out, solely for the fact that it came off as “whiny” to me. While that’s how I felt about it at the time, it quickly grew on me as Juice’s most emotional and passionate song.

With “Robbery”, Juice took the emo-rap wave in a new direction. While branching away from the upbeat tone and moving towards a more emotionally gripping one, Juice proved he was capable of breaking his usual formula and still be able to make a great song. He sings about the depressive aspects and major insecurities in his life, while putting his emotion and passion into every line.

death race for love cover art

4. Flaws and Sins

Taking a more edgy approach, “Flaws and Sins” covers the topic of how Juice is afraid his current girlfriend might only be with him for his fame and wealth, while also explaining that he loves every aspect of her, even the negatives.

"Flaws and Sins" is a darker themed track with almost a slight flair of epicness integrated within. It’s pretty different from Juice’s usual choice of beats, but it surprisingly works extremely well, and Juice’s voice completely takes over it.

I would’ve loved to see more of these types of songs from him, and it’s extremely unfortunate we won’t be able to. Juice showcases his ability to hit each beat, while also riding the beat is what sets this song apart.

goodbye and good riddance cover art

3. Lucid Dreams

The song that started it all. “Lucid Dreams” was the song that blew Juice WLRD up towards fame.

Everyone knows the iconic chorus and how catchy it is. The production, the lyrics, and the emotion, all tie in to create the persona and style that embodies the Juice WRLD image that lives on today.

If there was one song that I could choose to represent 2018 as a whole, it would be “Lucid Dreams”. While not his best song, it should be respected as a great song based on its original sound and influence.

goodbye and good riddance cover art

2. All Girls Are The Same

Originally a freestyle that was made into a song, “All Girls Are The Same” became the anthem for young men who’ve been emotionally hurt by women.

The flow and the lyrics are what stand out here, as they’ve both become iconic in their own respective aspect. It’s almost impossible not to sing along to this song.

One of Juice’s best songs without a doubt.

goodbye and good riddance cover art

1. Wasted (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

While some people may not agree with this, “Wasted” is Juice WRLD’s best song. A perfectly crafted song from top to bottom, without any flaws whatsoever.

A smooth beat, perfect flows, great vocal performances, an extremely catchy chorus, a Lil Uzi feature, clever word-play, outstanding mixing… what more could you want? The only possible negative I could find with this song is the electric guitar matching Lil Uzi’s vocal range behind his verse, but most people actually like that effect because it's experimental and different. But even considering that aspect, it only adds to the attention to detail on this track. Small things such as how Lil Uzi sings the chorus in the outro separates this track from the rest.

This is why Juice WRLD’s best song is without a doubt “Wasted”. Rest in peace.