• Matt Brown

Top 10 Hip-Hop Summer Songs of 2020 (Ranked)

Summer is a time where good vibes are frequent and great memories are made. Whether it’s driving on the highway with the windows down, partying with your friends, or spending a sunny afternoon at the beach, there’s a good chance you’ll be listening to music in the midst of things.

Usually these types of songs have an upbeat tone, a positive vibe, and a smooth melody.

With that being said, these rankings are all based purely on sound.

Before we get into the rankings, here are some honourable mentions :

  • NOTHING 4 FREE (feat. NAV) - Gunna

  • Excitement - Trippie Redd & PARTYNEXTDOOR

  • What I Like (feat. Rich The Kid & Tyga) - Famous Dex

  • Paradise - iann dior

  • Doors Unlocked (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Polo G) - Murda Beatz

With summer finally coming to a close, here are 10 summer hip-hop songs from 2020 that you could add into your playlist for the next year.

City Girls cover art

10. City Girls - Chris Brown & Young Thug

An extremely underrated song, this was heavily outshined by “Go Crazy” on the same album : Slime & B. In comparison to “Go Crazy”, I find that this song has a stronger bassline, has a better melody, and is overall smoother.

With a nod to the artist duo City Girls in the title, and their song “Act Up” in the chorus, Chris Brown and Young Thug sing about how most girls they meet these days are all about getting money and “having fun”.

A great song that should deserve way more recognition, it deserves a spot on this list at #10 as a great summer themed R&B hidden gem.

diva cover art

9. Diva (feat. Lil Tecca) - The Kid LAROI

At just 17 years old, The Kid LAROI proves that talent has no age minimum. One of the late Juice WRLD’s protégés, he was rightfully selected for his melodic voice. He’s almost what a young Post Malone would sound like.

“Diva” pairs LAROI up with Lil Tecca over strings and hard hitting 808s. LAROI contributes a very catchy chorus while Tecca manages to give very solid verses.

With an overall upbeat tone, this is the summer song that makes you wanna get up and get moving.

This is why it comes in at #9.

pretty girls cover art

8. Pretty Girls - iann dior

iann dior keeps things cool with an electric guitar sampled beat that could either fit the vibe of a summer late night, or a stroll through your local neighbourhood while the sun sets.

iann dior seems to be fitting into the niche of becoming a “vibe” artist, which seems to be becoming the trend with most new artists. He does a good job at it, and is proven through his work.

A simple summer song with a catchy chorus and melody, “Pretty Girls” takes #8.

lost me cover art

7. Lost Me - Internet Money, Lil Mosey, iann dior, Lil Skies

A great beat, a great hook, and average verses. “Lost Me” almost comes close to perfection, except for its two fatal flaws.

Lil Mosey provides an excellent hook (which is probably the best part of the song), but unfortunately delivers a very boring verse. iann dior does his job and contributes a very good verse, but it’s almost all for nothing when Lil Skies comes on and delivers the worst verse I’ve ever heard.

And although this may sound bad… the positives do in fact heavily outweigh the negatives.

For those reasons, it comes in at #7.

that way cover art

6. That Way - Lil Uzi Vert

Sampling the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”, there’s no denying Lil Uzi Vert’s creativity.

An upbeat trap song, it’s very very very different from the original classic.

Featuring dark lyrics masked by positive tones, it’s Uzi’s unique way of making happy music. The production, effects, and craftsmanship are all top-notch, and should be highly regarded just like most of Uzi’s work.

An enjoyable summer toned song landing in at #6.

blind cover art

5. BLIND (feat. Young Thug) - DaBaby

Finally, a DaBaby song that doesn’t sound like every other song he makes. And surprise! It’s good! I’ve always been a fan of DaBaby but holy fuck does this guy have no creativity.

With a song that branches away from the “Suge” formula and goes towards a more summer themed tone, he surprisingly makes a high quality track.

The electric guitar sample with the fast paced hi hats add for a solid summer beat.

DaBaby does his usual thing (which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong), and Young Thug also contributes a very respectable verse.

A very crisp summer song respectfully landing at #5 on the list.

dollaz on my head cover art

4. DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD (Young Thug) - Gunna

If you’ve been following my reviews (odds are you haven’t), you’d already know how I feel about this song. If there’s one word I’d use to describe it, it’s “chill”.

Gunna levels up from his usual monotone voice and actually decides to put some emotion in his voice... and it works really well. Gunna’s signature flow allows him to float over the Mike WiLL Made-It beat, which should also be credited regarding how chill, happy, and smooth it is.

Young Thug also makes his third appearance on this list, but I would consider it a coincidence because I wouldn’t particularly consider him a summer oriented artist.

Back to the point, “DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD” is definitely one of the better songs of summer 2020, and even 2020 as a whole.

This is why it comes in at #4.

blueberry faygo cover art

3. Blueberry Faygo - Lil Mosey

Many might consider this old and overplayed, but the fact remains that Blueberry Faygo will go down as a classic summer song. Simply consisting of a catchy chorus and a summer oriented beat, there’s no arguing why this should be considered a summer song.

Lil Mosey has discovered the secret of making hits, and Blueberry Faygo is his crown jewel of the bunch.

It’s impossible to get back that first listen, but getting close is still achievable. If you’re thinking that you’ve heard this way too many times, give it a break until next summer and you’ll see why it’s on the list at #3.

lemonade cover art

2. Lemonade - Internet Money, Don Toliver, NAV, Gunna

Lemonade was a perfectly crafted summer song. The title itself being named after an iconic summer drink, it captures the essence of summer in every aspect.

Featuring 3 big names in the industry, they all do an exceptional job. Don Toliver easily takes the MVP with possibly the best hook of 2020, while Gunna and NAV contribute with outstanding verses. And although all these artists are in the spotlight, Internet Money should deserve most of the credit for creating a perfect summer beat that all these artists shine on.

Fun fact : this song was originally created by an artist named Jozzy who made the original version back in 2019, and collaborated with Internet Money in the release of the mainstream version.

Lemonade deserves the #2 spot without a doubt.

mood cover art

1. Mood (feat. iann dior) - 24kgoldn

It wouldn’t be fair to exclude the best melody of 2020 from the #1 spot. Despite if TikTok ruined this or not, it deserves all the hype because it’s still a genuinely great song.

I only know three 24kgoldn songs and each one has a great melody. It’s no secret “Mood” is his best melody he's put out, and 24kgoldn’s craftsmanship shouldn’t go unnoticed for it.

iann dior also makes his third appearance on this list, which should ultimately crown him the best summer hip-hop artist of 2020. His work on “mood” is just as expected, and it doesn't disappoint whatsoever.

With the catchiest hook, best melody, and a great beat, there’s little to no argument why “Mood” deserves the #1 spot for the best summer themed hip-hop song.