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Tips for Sorority Recruitment at the University of British Columbia | UBC Sorority Rush Tips 2020

UBC sorority members holding hands and smiling at the camera

With sorority recruitment coming up, here are 13 tips from a sorority girl to help you out as you go through the crazy process. 

  1. Make friends in your rush group. When you rush, you're placed in a randomized group with other girls and you are given recruitment counsellors. It's a really good idea to become friends with these girls because chances are they will land up in a different sorority than you. It’s always fun to have friends in other sororities who you can invite to events or attend theirs. Inter-sorority sisterhood is a thing too!

  2. Don't talk bad about any sorority during the rush process, you'll be surprised who's listening. This can be dangerous because all it takes is one person who has a friend in one of the sororities you’re gossiping about and suddenly you’re dropped from several sororities. No sorority wants a girl who will openly bash others and be negative, so don’t be that person. 

  3. Talk to your recruitment counsellor. These girls go through the entire disaffiliation process just to help pnm’s (possible new members). They want to help you so don't be embarrassed to ask them for help

  4. Be yourself. I’m sure you’ve heard this one and it seems ike a no brainer. During the process is can be easy to become a fake version of yourself due to the nerves. This can be dangerous because you might join a sorority who likes the fake personality you had during rush which really isn't you and you might end up somewhere where you really don't fit. 

  5. Look for free flowing conversations rather than repetitive scripts. Look for real stuff in your conversations, this could be a sign that you’ll fit in with the sorority.

  6. Consider the financials. Greeklife is expensive and you have to be fully ready for it. Whatever cost you’re told by your recruitment counsellor add at least $300 to it. The $300 will cover sorority merch, additional formal tickets, coffee with the girls, formal wear etc. The extra costs were something I didn’t consider and I wish I had budgeted more for it, although the costs will be significantly lesser for online sororities.

  7. Clean up your social media. Make sure to have nothing illegal on your instagram, especially things like underage drinking. Try and keep your posts classy.

  8. Ask questions and lead conversation if you can try to be memorable. Recruiters are meeting tons of girls and you are going to be dropped if you can't find a way to be memorable. Lead the conversion or ask outside of the box things to stand out. 

  9. Don't take drops personally. Yes it can really hurt to be dropped by a sorority that you thought you vibed with, but don’t allow it to get you down. Chances are that the recruiter just didn’t get a good understanding of your personality or they just didn't remember you. It doesn't always mean that they didn't like you. 

  10. Don't take the stuff you read online as fact. Sites that offer anonymous platforms to write mean things about people in greeklife should obviously not be your #1 place of research to learn more about which sorority to join. (Then again, neither should we). Make real friends in greeklife and they'll be the ones to tell you the truth.

  11. Don’t talk about the 5 B’s, these are the big red flags that sorority recruiters are taught to look for. 1. Boys: the girls want to hear about you, not which boys you're friends with. 2. Booze: you like to party? Cool, but thats not entirely what being in a sorority is about. 3. Bible: it's totally okay to mention that you have faith, as long as you aren’t making other people feel bad for not being religious.This can be subjective though so it’s best to avoid it all together  4. Bucks: if you give any indicators that you can’t afford the sorority, they may be more likely to drop you because they don't want to rush someone who can't afford to join in the end. This isn't true everywhere but it's better safe than sorry  5. Barack: Avoid talking about politics and which side you fall on as it can be a controversial subject.

  12. Go into it with an open mind, It’s easy to think you belong in one sorority and absolutely hate another based on what other people think. However, you might be surprised where you make connections during rush.

  13. Be organized and take notes. You have to be organized as you go through this process because you’re meeting so many people and it's hard to remember who you talked to in which sorority. It’s a good idea to keep notes after you finish each session.