• Jason Wheeler

The Top 100 EDM/Dance/House Songs of All Time! [part 1] | The Best EDM/Dance Songs Ever (#100-#91)

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

In this exhaustive list I will be counting down 100 of the best EDM/House/Dance songs of all time in my opinion! As there are going to be many, many songs on this list, they will NOT be ranked in any specific order, and rather they will simply be considered 1 of the best 100 EDM songs. If you think I missed any songs, or have any opinions on the songs I did choose, feel free to leave an anonymous comment down below. This will be an on-going series where I will be posting a new part to the series every week or two, so make sure to check back to see part 2 when it comes out, or follow our Instagram page to stay updated.

Reminder that these songs are in no particular order, and so the 100th song could very well be better than the song put as #1. 

Top EDM songs of all time image

100. Silence (feat. Khalid) – Marshmello

This softer and more mellow song is arguably one of the most popular and top dance songs of the past decade. The build up on its own makes for a great song, but add in the Marshmello “bass drop” and it puts this song on a whole other level. This song is also widely liked by everyone and so there is almost never a dull time to play this song. 

99. Ain’t My Fault (R3hab Remix) – Zara Larsson & R3hab

A bit of a change of pace from the last song, but this remix is much more of a EDM/Dance vibe song. The original song itself isn’t half bad, but with the boosted BPM and faster beat it changes the dynamic of this song making for an upbeat EDM song. The song itself has catchy lyrics with a decently hype build up, and the bass drop is pretty solid as well. The bass drop might be considered a little “odd” by some non-EDM fans, however for most people who don’t mind EDM this song will check all the right boxes. 

98. BDY (Joe Mason Remix) – Stalgia

This is likely a song that not many people have heard before – both the original and the remix. This song is a tough one to play in most situations but if you’re looking for a dressing room pump up song or you’re just vibing on your own this could be a solid song. This is one of those songs that sounds better when you’re nearly blowing your eardrums out, otherwise it may just be underwhelming.

97. Everybody Hates Me – Chainsmokers

How can you go wrong with any chainsmokers song when they all sound nearly the same. Despite the easily recognizable chainsmokers style, this song still slaps. It’s got some gloomier vibes to it, but the song picks up into more of a sanguine vibe during the build up and bass drop. Speaking of the bass drop, this song has a lot more of a bass heavy and different approach to it which can be a nice switch up in your playlist. 

96. How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris & Disciples

This is yet another EDM song that doesn’t go hard but still slaps. It’s more of a House style song than EDM with it’s softer and distant beat. This song used to be considered a banger, and as time has passed it’s sort of been forgotten about, but it’s still a solid EDM/House song. 

95. Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) – Jawish 685 x Jason Derulo

This Tik Tok song has got one of the catchiest beats of the year. Having almost never happened due to some disagreements between Jason Derulo and Jawish 685, we’re lucky that they wound up coming to an agreement and releasing the upbeat, catchy summer EDM song. 

94. Piece Of Your Heart (feat. GOODBOYS) – Meduza

This new Electronic Dance song has got some darker appeal to it, but it makes up for it with it’s catchy bass drop and interesting transition to the drop. Great original song, but for clubbing it works a lot better with the remixes, as only the bass drop gets you going. 

93. Jewel (feat. Nikki Vianna) – Cash Cash

One of my personal favourite EDM songs, this song can get you pumped up for a big game, or just fire you up on a car ride. The bass drop isn’t one of those metal grinding ones that will pierce your ears (whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing, you decide). The vocals of this song work great to lead up to a unique and enjoyable bass drop.

92. Soundwave – Trevor Guthrie

This song has got some series 2000 EDM vibes to it with a pretty generic bass drop, but the thing that makes this song stand out is the vocals, as it turns a very basic EDM/Dance song into a near banger. 

91. Battle (feat. Faouzia) – David Guetta

Another one of my personal favourites, this song has that fast-ish pace, strong vocals, a hype build up and an above average bass drop. The bass drop is quite short, but the rest of the song carries its own weight more than well enough to make up for it.