• Emily Yeung

Restaurant Reviews #5 - Grandma Liu Hot Pot: A Spicy Good Time

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Grandma Liu Hot Pot has opened a new location in Richmond and after seeing a Tik Tok about this restaurant (https://vm.tiktok.com/ZS4TbM8W/), we just had to try it. This restaurant's concept is that you pick ingredients and you pay by weight. Customers can pick from a variety of fresh vegetables, meats and seafood. It’s located on Capstan Way in Richmond, which if you don’t know, is a bit of a chaotic area to attempt to park. The restaurant itself is really small with only 5 tables and there is little to no social distancing. We went on a Saturday night and although we were able to get a seat, we did wait over 20 minutes for our food as they also had a lot of take out orders. One of the major problems with this restaurant is that everything is written in Chinese. Of course it is a Chinese restaurant, but one would expect they would have some English signs or menus to help out those who don’t speak the language. Nonetheless, the staff spoke english and were able to answer our questions. Another thing to keep in mind is that they only take cash or debit. Now let's move on to the actual restaurant review. 

Food – You get what you pay for (10/10)

The food is pay-by-weight where it costs $2.99/100 grams. The meats and seafood are obviously a lot heavier than the vegetables or noodles so that is something to keep in mind. Their soup broth is a basic spicy broth and you can customize it to the level of spice you want, but even the mild is quite spicy. You can also choose to add sesame, garlic and additional chili on top. You can also order a bowl of rice on the sided.The food was really delicious and flavourful. I got extra spicy broth with all the toppings and although my tummy hurt the next day, I don't regret it. The meat was delicious and the vegetables were really fresh. I got the knife cut noodles which also seem to be freshly made. Overall I rate the food a 10/10, but only if you enjoy spicy food. My friend who came with me ordered a mild broth but found it way too spicy, so it appears that this place is not for the spice intolerant 

Drinks – Lack English Labels, mostly Asian beverages

This place has a selection of asian drinks as well as canned cokes. None of the drink bottles had english on them and we weren’t sure what they were so we didn’t buy any but almost everyone in the restaurant seemed to be drinking one. 

Atmosphere – Cozy and Modern

The restaurant vibes were cozy and modern. Additionally, the restaurant is really clean which is something that is important during Covid. They have hand sanitizers at the entrance and at the check-out table and masks are required while at the section to pick out the ingredients for your soup. 

Price – $$ (out of 5)

If you just get vegetables or noodles then this place is definitely on the cheaper side. However, if you get the meats the price increases quickly as the meats and seafood are kept frozen and therefore are heavier. If you’re on a budget, you definitely could split the soup with someone else as it is really filling.  Overall I think Grandma Liu Hot Pot is an up and coming restaurant franchise and a definite must try. 

You can check out Grandma Liu Hot Pot's website here for more information: https://www.restaurantji.com/bc/richmond/grandma-liu-hot-pot-/