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Restaurant Reviews #4 – Storm Crow Alehouse | Fancy Shots and a 20 Sided Die

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The Storm Crow is actually a place I had never heard of before visiting recently. My good friend had recommended it and I was intrigued by what they had to offer. Located on Main street and a 5 minute bus ride from the Broadway - City Hall skytrain station in Vancouver. By transit, it's a very easy location to access. But, if you're driving, then you might run into some trouble when finding a place to park, as there isn't much parking around. As far as my experience there, it was pretty good. Quick disclaimer, I was a little buzzed already by the time I got there but that doesn’t take anything away from the experience and the drinks there. I also did not sample any of the food they had so this will be a strictly drinks and atmosphere review so let's get into our 4th installment of our Vancouver restaurant reviews.

Storm Crow Alehouse Infinite Stone Shots Image

Drinks - Shots and cocktails are all for show, but not in a bad way

When ordering a drink at Storm Crow, you have a bunch of different options and they have really diversified their drink menu to have fancy drinks, fancy shots, wine and beer. Let’s start with the shot they offer cuz that was probably the coolest part of my experience there. The first thing we ordered was a collection of 6 “Infinite Stone” shots. They were regular shots of vodka but with glowing lights, (like the Infinity Stones if you've watched Avengers), and they add dry ice that flows out the top. So, this was a lot of show considering it was just one shot for a group of 6. But some people like that shit so I’m not here to judge. Putting that aside, the Storm Crow has a very unique way of doing shots. What they are known for is that they have these random shots which are an assortment of 20 shots that have weird mixes added with them. I can link the menu here https://www.stormcrow.com/storm-crow-alehouse-menu/#random-shots. The kicker for these shots is that you can choose to just order one of them or you can roll a 20 sided dice that will decide your fate. The Storm Crow Alehouse has really captured that element of surprise and when you're drunk, it can be fun to get some random shots. The cherry on top is that each of the shots have a creative name that references some sort of nerdy/popular show. This also plays into their atmosphere but I’ll get into that later. Their cocktail menu is very diverse and has a lot of drinks that you probably won’t see elsewhere. Their butterbeer is a very tasty drink and the mix of root beer, schnapps and some ice cream makes it very enjoyable. The Basic B is a drink I got a few times. It is basically a vodka cran but with 3 shots and there is prosecco added. So no, I’m not soft for getting it, I just wanted to get lit quickly. Finally, I'll go over the beer selection. Just like most bars, they had an assortment of IPA’s and craft beers. It kinda surprised me that a place like this would have it but at the same time it's a bar/restaurant so why would they not. They had an assortment of 20 beers that you are able to get as a sleeve or as a flight of 4 (they called it a blade but let's call it what it is). Overall, a super dope spot for drinks.


Roll the 20 sided die: if your gonna do anything, you might as well try that once

Get the Basic B: 3 shots for 10 bucks, I mean…

Outside of the Storm Crow Alehouse Image

Atmosphere - a nerdier vibe but anyone can vibe there

When I walked in the first time, it definitely did not feel like walking into an Earls or Cactus Club. The Storm Crow has its own personality that is very different from so many places that you will go to. When I sat down they had the Last Airbender playing on the tv, the Legend of Zelda video game was being played and there was just memorabilia from various cartoons, video games and tv shows all over the place. It is a nerds paradise but it doesn’t mean as a regular person you can’t visit. For me, there were things I understood and some I didn’t but either way it was cool to look around and see everything. Most of their drinks are also related to the things they have in their restaurant so everything ties together.

Price - $$$ (out of 5)

Depending what your budget is, this place can be relatively expensive. On top of that, you are paying more for the show they put on with the drinks rather than the drinks themselves, so the alcohol to cost ratio is not very good. At the same time, if you're willing to spend a little extra, you will definitely make the most of your experience there. This is probably not a place I would go to every weekend to drink at but I would recommend it to people looking for a new and interesting place to go to.

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