• Jason Wheeler

Restaurant Reviews #2 – Local Public Eatery | Average Food for Above Average Prices

The Local restaurant is an above-average priced restaurant located close to UBC and right across the street from Kits beach. Parking is an absolute nightmare as they do not offer any customer parking and your only option is to park in residential streets and then walk a few blocks. The food is average and the drinks are overpriced as are many Vancouver restaurants. In today’s 2nd episode of our ongoing Vancouver restaurant reviews, we will cover the following: Food, drinks, ambience/restaurant vibes, and price. 

local public eatery patio image

Food – Average food, for above average costs

The Local hosts a variety of bar style food that includes the usual burgers, nachos, chicken wings and tacos. The menu also has some miscellaneous dishes that put a small spin on bar style food such as dumplings, perogies and edamame. They do occasionally sell out of some dishes as we have frequently visited this location when they were sold out of their dumpling dish. Their most popular item, “That Crispy Chicken Sandwich”, is a staple on their menu and for good reason. The sandwich is delicious. With a perfectly seasoned and breaded fried chicken, alongside the usual chicken sandwich amenities, the chicken sandwich is a fan favourite. Most of the food there is just average. It is a chain restaurant and so the quality will usually be consistent, but nothing special. That being said here are a few dishes that we do recommend trying out:

Calamari – tasty squid with the right amount of breading. Comes with good dippings as well.

Dumplings – a popular new item, so long as they haven’t already sold out.

That Crispy Chicken Sandwich – the most popular item on the menu for a reason. 

#1 Ahi Tuna Poke Rice Bowl – its called #1 for a reason

Thai Noodle Salad – Unique blend of flavours including coconut lime, peanut and mint. 

local public eatery food images

Drinks – strong but heavy on the ice

The local has a pretty small cocktail menu, but can obviously make popular drinks when you ask for them. I would say that they charge more for their off menu drinks. Like many Vancouver restaurants, drinks are overpriced, heavy on ice and made strong. If you are looking to have a few casual cocktails this should be fine, however if you are looking to get a little buzzed or pre-game for a later event, we highly recommend either pre-gaming or ordering cheap beers. The beer selection is pretty basic, however they do also offer a few local craft beers. Wine selection is another story, as they feature nearly a full page worth of different kinds of wines. 


No special drinks. If you’re willing to spend the money just stick to the classics, or order beer. 

Atmosphere – view of the beach with a nice patio

The vibes of the restaurant are relaxed and fun. Most of the people in the restaurant are people in their 20’s with a group of friends. They have a beautiful patio with bright coloured umbrellas that don’t do much to block the sun, but definitely look attractive. The inside is just like an average bar but slightly nicer. It’s pretty dark  except for the areas under windows, so i would recommend outdoor seating more than indoor seating especially on a nice day. 

Price – $$$ (out of 5)

Above average price for average food. You’re mostly paying for the consistency of the chain restaurant and for the location which happens to be across the street from Kits Beach. If you’ve never eaten here before it’s a good place to try out, however there are certainly better places you could spend your money. If you don’t buy alcoholic drinks it can help make your trip to The Local a much more affordable one.