• Jason Wheeler

Over $250,000 Raised for Cancer by an Unexpected Organization – University of British Columbia Frat

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

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Over $250,000 has been raised in the past 9 years by a single independent organization that most people would never expect. Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE), a UBC fraternity, has rallied together for the past years to raise over a quarter of a million dollars. Hosting successful philanthropic events is never an easy task, and this year was no exception especially with the COVID-19 restrictions still in full effect. Chayanne Khodabandeh (Stick-it to cancer chairman) did not let this setback prevent him from leading DKE to what appears to be the start of another successful campaign – despite making drastic changes to what the original event used to be.

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This year Stick-It has shifted to being held completely virtually, and surprisingly has nothing to do with hockey anymore. Instead, the event has shifted into a head-to-head competition between brothers, where the individual who loses has to shave their head. The event has already shown an overwhelming amount of success, as the newly named “Shave for Scott” has surpassed their fundraising goals for the first 2 weeks in a row. The total raised this year now sits at over $12,000, with the goal of reaching $25,000 by the end of week 6. At this pace, DKE is on track to raise over $36,000. For reference, in previous years DKE has raised roughly $40,000 each year, but that was when in-person events were allowed, the economy was booming and Corona was only associated with beer.

As DKE is still in the process of fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society you can donate through their website here: http://www.stickittocancer.ca

Or if you are unable to, you can simply follow along with their progress and stay up to date through their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/stickittocancervan/?hl=en

What is Stick-it to cancer?

It has almost been 9 years since the inaugural Stick-It to Cancer road hockey game – an annual event hosted by the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at UBC. The event is held in honour of DKE brother Scott Trapp who lost his battle with cancer in 2014. In most normal years, a large road hockey game would take place in one of the large UBC parking lots, where over 16 teams would compete in a friendly tournament. The year prior to COVID-19 saw 2 “Team BC” road hockey teams take to the streets and face-off in a competitive final game. Although there is a competitive spirit to certain divisions, the real success comes from the philanthropic efforts raised by the entire fraternity, as each member actively contributes to the success of the event.

“Shave for Scott” looks to be a great replacement for Stick-it to cancer, in a world where in-person events are not allowed. It will be interesting to see if the fundraising tactics and online “head-to-head” campaigning continues on post-covid. Regardless of what route the gentleman at DKE chooses to take, their fundraising efforts for Cancer research will continue on and they will truly continue to stick it to cancer.