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NHL Covid-19 2020 Playoffs | Second Round Predictions and Analysis

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Vancouver Canucks Celebrate a Goal Image

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the first round was pretty electric. On top of that, I went 7-1 on my predictions for that round so not a big deal. Maybe take some betting advice from me. Anyways, we are down to 8 teams and I couldn’t be more fired up for more exciting games. The fuckin Canucks are through and the streets of Surrey couldn’t be more excited. Seriously, Scott Road was bumpin after game 6 and the boys are rolling. Let’s break down the second round matchups of the NHL Covid-19 Playoffs.

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

Both teams played a 6 game series in the first round. By all accounts, this will be a series played with a lot of speed and a lot of skill. Everyone knows Vegas is deep and will be a tough task for whoever they play. They will be coming at the Canucks from all angles. The Knights also have an outstanding goaltending duo which will help them a lot. But fuck them, lets talk about how good the Canucks. A dismantling of the Blues in game 6 and the Canucks looked unreal in the process. The whole team contributed to their wins and they were able to get secondary scoring. While the Canucks are the underdogs in this series, Markstrom has been and will once again be the x-factor. His sick play in the playoffs so far has kept the Canucks in games they shouldn’t be in and he has given them a chance to win every game. As much as I think Vegas is the better team, I gotta support the boys at home and even if I’m wrong, I’m riding with this pick.

Canucks in 7

Colorado Avalanche vs Dallas Stars

I really thought the Flames would take care of the Stars but I guess Matthew Tkachuk means a shit ton to that organization. Regardless, the Stars got through in 6 and they started to look better and better with every game in that series. The Stars have received a lot of secondary scoring which is a positive. But, they haven’t got much primary scoring, or not enough of it. Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn really need to step it up if they want to give their squad a chance of winning this series. For the Avalanche, they completely ripped apart the Coyotes. They looked unstoppable and I expect that to continue to the next round. Nazem the dream Kadri looks great up front and if he continues to play sick they the Avalanche should be able to take this series.

Avalanche in 6

Flyers vs. Islanders

The Islanders played to their potential in their first round matchup against the very good Capitals. They played tough defense and scored at will. Anthony Beauvillier will continue to be an important player for the Islanders and expect him to produce again. Varlomov has also been one of the best goalies in these playoffs and he will have to be really good for the Islanders to move on. Unfortunately, I can’t see them moving on. This series will go to 6 but the Flyers have so much going for them with so much fire power. Carter Hart is riding a decently hot hand, all of Philly’s top players are producing well, and I think they matchup better with the Islanders and are suited to shut them down and still put points on the board. The Flyers have the upper hand in my mind for this series.

Flyers in 6

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Boston Bruins

This will probably be the most electric matchup of this round. Two monsters going at each other and both are built for these playoff runs. The Lightning were able to take care of Columbus after getting swept by them in last year's playoffs. Even without Stamkos, they are still getting shit done. The Bruins can never be counted out and they showed that by taking care of the Hurricanes with relative ease. Their group of vets are grizzled and they have been through it all and they will be prepared for this challenge. For me, this could go either way. However, I have to give Tampa the edge here for two reasons. One, Rask is out and as much as Halak is still a good goalie, he ain’t Rask so that leaves a whole for the Bruins. Second, the Lightning were able to exercise their demons by defeating the Jackets and I think that will hype them up and give them a boost for the rest of the playoffs. So, I think they will be able to ride their momentum and take the series. The Bruins will be up a fight and this series will go the distance.

Lightning in 7

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