#4 - Best New Country Songs Ranked & Reviewed (feat. Jade Eagleson, Blake Shelton & more) - July 24

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Jade Eagleson by Jade Eagleson Cover Art

Jade Eagleson - Jade Eagleson

This is Jade’s first full album release, the album started off strong with “close” which has a solid melody and a decent beat. The album has some awesome songs and some songs that will need some more work and some of the songs seem a little over produced which made  the drums seem less authentic but more computer produced. The album overall is alright and not bad for a first release and has some solid songs to build off of.

I’d give the album a solid 6.5 /10

Songs I enjoyed from the album

  1. Close

  2. Lucky

  3. Got Your Name On It

  4. Count The Ways

Ready To Love by Lindsay Eli Cover Art

Ready To Love - Lindsay Eli

This EP release from Lindsay was a good start, the EP I feel was aimed at country radio and the masses with the pop beat and tempo but I enjoyed the EP overall but wouldn’t recommend it to friends. 

Overall I’d give the EP a 4/10 

Songs I enjoyed from the EP

  1. I don’t LovE you

  2. wAnt me back

Anywhere by Blake Shelton (feat Gwen Stefani) Cover Art

Anywhere - Blake Shelton (feat Gwen Stefani)

This song is great and has catchy lyrics. I really enjoyed the slight twang goin on in the song and the pronounced banjo added a cool layer. This a good summer tune and can be played anytime.

Overall I’d give the song a 7/10

Hallelujahville by Tim Mcgraw Cover Art

Hallelujahville - Tim Mcgraw

Didn’t really enjoy the song much, the song was slow and didn’t really have a strong melody to save it. Overall was kind of a hard song to listen to and wasn’t his best work.

Overall I’d give the song a 2.5/10