#5 - Best New Hip Hop/Rap Songs Ranked and Reviewed (feat. Logic, J. Cole, Lil Skies & more)

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

No Pressure - Logic

No Pressure by Logic Cover Art

Logics fallen off a little bit with the music that he's put out as of late. This album was a great bounce back album for sure . The songs were great, they had great rhythm and excellent flow, nothing really to complain about just overall a solid album.

Overall I'd give the album a good 8.5/10

Songs I enjoyed from the album

  1. Perfect

  2. Man I is

  3. 5 Hooks

  4. Dark Place

  5. Amen

  6. Hear EM Say

Lewis Street - J.Cole

Lewis Street by J.Cole Cover Art

J.Cole always has always put out solid music and these two songs are right on point with the heavy lyrical and poetic style of J.Cole and they are two great songs.

Overall I'd give the two songs a 8.5/10

I enjoyed both songs in the release

  1. The Climb Back

  2. Lion King On Ice

Pradaaa Shoes - Trav feat NAV

Pradaaa Shoes by Trav feat NAV Cover Art

This songs just alright nothing special about this song and nothing terrible except I think a little overkill on the auto tune.

Overall I'd give the song a 4.5/10

How We Do It - Shoreline Mafia (feat Wiz Khalifa)

How We Do It by Shoreline Mafia (feat Wiz Khalifa) Cover Art

The song was alright I think the beat clashed with the lyrics and kinda made it sound like a mess from the start. They've put out some solid songs in the past, but this one I can't say that I enjoyed.

Lightbeam - Lil Skies (feat NoCap)

Lightbeam by Lil Skies (feat NoCap) Cover Art

This song was notttt very good, I didn't enjoy it at all. The lyrics didn't match the beat and the melody was sub par. Could've done more with the beat and some better writing.

Overall I'd give the song a 3.5/10

PS (Pants Sag) - Chief Keef, Zaytoven

PS (Pants Sag) by Chief Keef, Zaytoven Cover Art

Song was pretty good overall if you're a Chief Keef fan and have liked his music in the past. Great workout song or something to play before games to get the team fired up. Not really a casual listen like some of the other songs released this week

Overall 6.5/10