• Chris Larson

Lower Mainland Restaurant Reviews: Earls Happy Hour Reviewed and Rated

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

This is the first of an ongoing series which will feature honest and consistent reviews about local food and drink establishments in the Greater Vancouver area.

Today’s episode will be featuring one of the most infamous places to go when you wanna get fucked with your friends or even enjoy a nice night out for cheap. To no one’s surprise, this place is Earls.

Earls is a place where they have nice settings, affordable cuisine, and your typical adult beverages. Pretty much the default option in terms of going out.


Early happy hour drinks image

When it comes to a night of drinks, you can never go wrong with Earls. With reasonably priced high balls for $4 for singles and $6.25 for doubles, getting lit on a Tuesday has never seemed so easy. They also offer all the classic specialty drinks like margaritas, sangria, aperol spritz, and many other fancy drinks that I can’t pronounce. From a beer perspective, it probably isn’t the first place you’d go, but they have their own Rhino Draught which comes in a lager, pale ale or seasonal. They have beers like corona which is reasonably priced at $6 and they also have Stella which I wouldn’t buy for 10 bucks especially if I’m looking to keep my bill at a conservative price. If you're looking to kick back and enjoy a nice glass of wine, the happy hour menu has a great selection. Their selection includes: basic red, white and rose, pinot grigio and cabernet sauvignon. From what I have heard from others who enjoy wine a lot, they really enjoy Earls for that and they recommend you do too.

Do’s and Don'ts

For starters, if you’re planning on getting highballs, make sure to order doubles. Unless you’re only planning on having one drink, doubles are the most efficient way to get alcohol flowing through your system. This unwritten rule is pretty standard and most people already know it, but Earls happy hour is already pretty generic as it is.



Earls happy hour food image

Earls happy hour has a moderately sized menu with a wide variety of tasteful options. From dynamite rolls to half racks of ribs, it’s reasonably diverse in its choice of affordable food. The menu provides dinners with the choice of either snacking, or eating a full meal. If you’re like me, I usually tend to hit the cheaper items on the menu, as I’m usually focusing my money on the drinks. Some of my favorite cheap snack-able options that I enjoy are the Garlic Fries, Street Chicken Tacos, and everyone’s favorite : The Margarita Pizza. On the odd occasion that I do end up hungry whilst I’m there, I’ll usually decide to mix in some of the medium priced items, such as Leroy’s Crispy Ribs or the Dynamite Rolls. If you’re a higher roller, the higher priced items do serve a solid bang for your buck option. With reduced prices, the only thing you’ll have to feel guilty about when ordering the bigger food items, is your calorie intake.

Do’s and Don’ts

The only “don’t” that I can really think of is losing track of how many food items you’ve ordered. Although the margarita pizzas are dirt cheap… I find that it’s a very common occurrence to lose track of how many you’ve ordered. The cheap items aren’t super filling, so if you go there hungry (especially if you’re intoxicated) it’s easy for the small items to add up and rack up a large bill if you aren't paying attention.


Total: 15.5/20