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Living at Totem Park Residence (UBC) | 1st Year Dorm Reviews at the University of British Columbia

Here is a brief review of Totem Park residence!

Buildings/rooms: Totem’s buildings vary the most out of all 3 first year residences. There are a few really nice new buildings that are newer than the Orchard Commons (OC) one’s. So if you’re lucky enough to get placed in Cesna, q’elexen, or hem’lesam then you’re golden. But if you get any of the other houses then you won’t be considered as lucky. The older buildings are nice enough, however they won’t be anything special with outdated furniture, walls, windows and overall design. Cesna, q’elexen, or hem’lesam will have the same feel as a hotel room with very nice new updated furniture, windows and amenities. All rooms are a decent enough size that you can store all your school supplies, laptops and more. It just depends on how organized you are. You can also view what the rooms look like here: https://vancouver.housing.ubc.ca/residences/totem-park/.

The commonsblock also sports a nice gym that you can use for free. The beds are quite uncomfortable and you should probably bring a foam pad to put on top of your mattress. The new buildings have nice carpets, however the other buildings have somewhat old and heavily used carpets that are kinda gross.

Food: Totem has recently renovated their cafeteria area and with it came updated menu options. The food quality is similar to all the first year cafeterias however the main difference comes with food choice. In my opinion Totem has the 2nd best food options. They have certain portions that will rotate selections, but the consistent ones include a burger bar with fries, poutine and chicken wings. They also have the only pizza bar of all the first year rezs. Breakfast is pretty standard, as it is with all 1st year cafeterias. The food selection is good but after eating there everyday you will definitely start to get tired of it. Thankfully for Totem residences they’re right across the street from Orchard Commons, and so residents can easily access both cafeterias.

Community: Totem has the 2nd best culture/community. There is a very nice tennis court, basketball court and field that is very close to Totem and so you will often find people outside playing sports together. The commons block was also newly renovated and so students will also flock there to hang out as well as create study groups.

Location: Totem is right next to OC and so they gain access to everything they offer. It is also in a very convenient spot for all Comp Sci students, science, engineer and LFS students as their main buildings are not too far of a walk away. It is quite far for Sauder students, Arts students and is a decent walk to get to the bus loop, Nest, and most other UBC buildings. On the bright side it is somewhat close to the frat village for weekend parties.

If you'd like a more in depth review, make sure to let us know by commenting below or simply viewing. If there is a decent amount of demand for one, we will start writing an "everything you need to know about living at Totem Park".