• Jason Wheeler

How to Watch All NHL Games for Free! [No Commercials] – No Cable/Subscription Plan Required

NHL playoffs round 2

The NHL playoffs are currently entering the 2nd round and hockey fans finally have something to do during these unprecedented times. Unfortunately for some people like me, I don’t have cable… or a TV… And so despite the NHL being in full tilt, I’ve been forced to find alternative ways to support whichever teams I feel like bandwagoning for the day. And for other viewers who may not have cable, a TV, parents/roommates hogging the TV, or at the library studying, or for literally any other reason here I’ll walk you through how to watch every single NHL game for free (plus with no commercials at all).

free NHL streaming image

Without beating around the bush, the secret website is called NHL66.ir – just search it up and start streaming all of the games. 

It should take you to whichever game is currently playing and from there you can choose which network you want to watch it on, bet on the game, and talk with some other avid hockey fans. You do NOT need to create an account or do anything of that sorts. Just click on the video screen to hit play. Usually it will open another tab that will prompt you to create an account, but you can just ignore that and close that tab. I repeat, you do NOT need to create an account, enter any information, or do anything of those sorts! 

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