• Matt Brown

#4 - Best New Hip Hop Songs Ranked and Reviewed (feat. Drake, DJ Khaled, Tyla Yaweh) - July 17, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Cover art for Drake and DJ Khaled's song Greece
Greece Cover Art

Popstar / Greece - Two Singles by DJ Khaled (feat. Drake)

DJ Khaled is officially the master at making average songs with way above average artists. Both of these songs are the farthest thing from special. While they aren’t great, they aren’t bad either. They’re your typical Drake formula songs. That being said, I can personally guarantee that they’ll chart well and that you’ll probably hear them in your friends car or on the radio or something. It’s no secret that any song by Drake or even has a feature by him, is gonna chart well, regardless of the quality. I would say that Popstar is the more “rap” song out of the two, and Greece is the “R&B” lenient song. Popstar’s standout feature is Drake’s individual verses, while the chorus seems to be catchy and annoying at the same time. On Greece, Drake really decided to channel the lightskin part of his voice... and even speaks a little french on it, which (to me at least) is a huge lightskin move, but it’s a welcome addition. 

I’d give Popstar a 2.7/5.

And I’d give Greece a 3/5.

Cover art for Joey Bada$$'s EP The Light Pack
The Light Pack Cover Art

The Light Pack - EP by Joey Bada$$

Fucking finally. Some new Joey Bada$$ music. If you aren’t familiar with Joey Bada$$, I’d compare him to other rappers like Kendrick, Denzel Curry, A$AP Rocky and J.Cole... basically any rapper that puts meaning into their music. If that doesn’t pique your interest, then go skip to the damn Kyle album review or something. Anyways, Joey Bada$$ hasn’t released anything new since ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, which had dropped in 2017. Since then we’ve gotten a few features and whatnot, but nothing from the man himself. So it’s safe to say that there was a good amount of anticipation when people found out that he was gonna be dropping new music on friday. Lengthwise, the EP is only 3 songs long... and although I could’ve done with more, I greatly appreciate that each song is cool and there aren’t any filler songs. "The Light" (soul) is the most aggressive out of the 3, with hard hitting lines that make you understand why he’s so highly regarded. Along with Pusha T, Joey spits flow-y lines with tons of examples of assonance, alliteration, and word play on "No Explanation" (mind). "Shine" (body) is the closing track which has Joey rapping smoothly over what sounds like a laid back coffee shop song. On the album cover, you can see that the songs are labeled "Mind", "Body" and "Soul". Not sure what it means exactly, but I dig the artistic mystery behind it.

I really enjoyed all 3 songs and I’d give this EP a 3.9/5. 

Cover art for Tyla Yaweh's song Stuntin On You
Stuntin On You Cover Art

Stuntin On You - Single by Tyla Yaweh (feat. DaBaby)

I found out about Tyla Yaweh about a year ago, and I kinda predicted he was gonna get gradually bigger, but won’t blow up overnight. This seems to be the case with his latest singles, as they grab more traction with each release. His latest song, “Tommy Lee” with Post Malone was definitely a step in the right direction for him, and I think he’s gonna slowly achieve success with the type of music he’s sticking to. “Stuntin On You” takes a catchy beat (by HitMaka) with Tyla’s smooth voice and makes for an overall solid song. DaBaby is a decent addition, but it would’ve been the same song without him. 

I’d give this song a 3.2/5.

Cover Art for Kyle's album See You When I'm Famous!!!!!!!!!!
See You When I'm Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cover Art

See You When I’m Famous!!!!!!!!!!!! - Album by Kyle 

To be completely honest, I 100% underestimated this album. We all know that Kyle is known for his sunny, confident, and upbeat vibes that he normally brings to each track. And although those seem like good qualities to have, Kyle unfortunately also has the trait of being considered a “corny rapper”. But from hearing his first track “Bouncin”, I can see that he’s matured a bit, and toned down his eccentric attitude. The only exception to my statement, is his song with Rico Nasty : GIRLS. He shoulda kept that one in the studio. Other than that, he greatly improves upon the criticism he’s received, but still manages to stick to what he knows. I have to say that I’m very impressed by his development. 

Some of my favorite songs are : 

  1. YES! (feat. Rich The Kid & K CAMP)

  2. The Sun (feat. Bryson Tiller & Raphael Saadiq)

  3. Bouncin 

  4. Over it

  5. See You When I’m Famous (feat. AzChike & Too $hort)

Cover art for The Kid LAROI's song Tell Me Why
Tell Me Why Cover Art

TELL ME WHY - Single by The Kid LAROI

The Kid LAROI is definitely one of the best upcoming talents to grace our ears. But fumbled the bag on this one. His vocal talents are what makes him stand out from everyone else, but here, I think he pushes it a bit farther than he should. I like the artist, but I don't like the song. 

Gonna have to be a 2/5.