#2 - Best New Country Songs Ranked and Reviewed (feat. Brett Eldridge, Jimmi Allen & More) - July 10

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Sunday Drive by Brett Eldridge Cover Art

Sunday Drive - Brett Eldridge 

This was a very anticipated album and Brett Eldridge did an awesome job. There’s a perfect mix between upbeat songs and slow songs which added some great diversity and kept the listeners engaged. There’s some strong melodies and some excellent production. This album so far has been the best of the summer in my opinion it’s a great laid back album and it’s well worth the listen if you’re a country fan. I’d give the album a well deserved 5/5. I had a hard time finding a song in this album that I didn’t like.

Songs that I enjoyed from the album

  1. The One You Need

  2. Magnolia

  3. Good Day

  4. Fall For me

  5. Sunday Drive

  6. When I Die

  7. Gabrielle

  8. Then You Do

  9. Fix A Heart

Bettie James by Jimmie Allen Cover Art

Bettie James - Jimmie Allen

The opening song “Good Times Roll” came off as more of a pop song especially having Nelly as a feature. Pop country has been the trend for the last couple years and I haven’t always been the biggest fan. I feel like Jimmie Allen was going for a sound that would appeal to the casual country music fan, which isn’t a bad thing but it’s definitely skirting the edge of being a pop album. Overall the album is a 2/5 the album was just ok there wasn’t really any songs that caught my attention but they weren’t awful either.

Songs I enjoyed from the album

  1. Drunk and I Miss You

  2. Freedom Was a Highway

Here On Earth by Tim McGraw Cover Art

Here On Earth - Tim McGraw

This is his follow up single to “I Called Mama” and I thought the song was just decent I found that a lot of the instruments clashed a little bit with each other and it kind of sounded to me like the timing was off but the song is well written. It just left a little be desired from the producing stand point. Overall I’d give the song a solid 2/5 

Quick Fast, In A Hurry by Rascal Flatts and Rachel Wammack Cover Art

Quick Fast, In A Hurry - Rascal Flatts and Rachel Wammack

This song does have a snap track, which I’m not a huge fan of but the song is well written and very catchy overall. Rascal Flatts hasn’t really put out any classic country music sounding songs so it was expected that this would be more of a pop country track. I enjoyed the song overall and wouldn’t mind if this came on the radio but it’s not a song that would want to play on repeat. Overall I’d give the song a 3/5 because it is a solid song just not in my taste.