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#3 - Best New Country Songs Ranked and Reviewed (feat. Dixie Chicks, Reklaws & more) - July 17th

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Gaslighter - Dixie Chicks

Gaslighter by Dixie Chicks Cover Art

The album started off strong with the song “Gaslighter” which was a great catchy song. I really liked how easy it was to listen to and it was a great song for summer. There was a solid mix of  great beachy sing along songs and some slow down songs which is awesome. I appreciate how they didn’t try and go down the pop country route like most artists now, but it didn’t sound so country that it would put off the casual country listener which is the perfect happy medium in my opinion.

Overall I’d give the album a solid 4/5 

  1. Gaslighter

  2. Sleep At Night

  3. Texas Man

  4. For Her

  5. March March

  6. Young Man

Floor It!!! - The Texas Gentleman

Floor It!!! by The Texas Gentleman Cover Art

I’ve never listened to The Texas Gentleman before this album dropped. The sound of their voices reminds me a little bit of the Beatles at least in the song “Ain’t Nothing New” , which I don’t mind at all and quite enjoy. The album definitely isn’t what you’d think would come from a group called The Texas Gentleman it’s more of a soft rock vibe to it. The album is easy to listen to and definitely has a great sound. But not really something I would want to listen to on repeat day in and day out.

Overall I’d give the album a solid 2/5 just because I feel that someone who doesn’t like the sound of classic rock won’t enjoy the album.

Songs I enjoyed from the album

  1.  Ain’t Nothing New

  2. Easy St

  3. Charlie’s House

Where I’m From - The Reklaws

Where I’m From by The Reklaws Cover Art

On July 8th they released a bit of a teaser of 2 songs before dropping another 3 on the deluxe album today. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of The Reklwas but the rest of the album was actually pretty good, the songs were catchy and not overly produced which made it sound awesome. I think every fan of country music can’t deny that there are some solid songs on this album. This is a great short  summer country album, this is something I’d love to play on a sunny car ride or at the beach. 

Overall I’d give the new songs on the album a solid 5/5 

  1. Beer Can

  2. Karma

  3. God Speed

Save Me - Lanco

Save Me by Lanco Cover Art

Lanco has put out some solid songs in the past and they followed suit with this song. The chorus was extremely catchy. I really liked how it picked up going into the chorus and the how the guitar stood out. I think it was a great mix of pop country and having authentic country music instruments like the banjo. This is a song I could play on repeat and one that I would like to keep in my playlist for a while.

Overall I'd give the song a solid 5/5