• Matt Brown

Controversial. - Cancel Culture Within Todays Society.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Recently, I've been hearing a lot of the terms “cancelled” and “cancel” and so on and so forth. If you’re lucky enough to not know what “cancelled” means in the modern millennial field, then this entry might not make too much sense until I explain it.  Basically, to “cancel” someone means that a community of people will go out of their way to stop supporting and even go as far as to start boycotting that certain person or entity because of something they did. For example, most of you guys know that a lot of celebrities and public figures are facing heat because of some “racist tweets” and perhaps “homophobic jokes” that have surfaced. It’s pretty common nowadays. And although I one hundred percent agree that it’s pretty insensitive and inappropriate to be making any types of those comments, most of them are very far into the past and they probably don’t mean any genuine harm. Don’t get me wrong though, the people who do mean harm, deserve every ounce of cancellation. 

In fact, I find cancel culture quite amusing sometimes. I love to see when someone huge slips up and the warriors of the internet are there to serve justice. I find that it’s quite interesting that people are independently taking matters into their own hands and are making popular individuals pay for the mistakes they’ve made. While I do find most of it amusing, I also believe that there's a line that shouldn’t be crossed, which gets crossed way too often. 

Cancel culture is a double-sided coin. You could even argue that it’s three-sided, but this is supposed to be a short blog and honestly I don’t really feel like explaining it that much. But back to what I was saying, there are good-willed and smart people on this earth. But there are also idiots. You see, the internet is a place where literally ANYONE can get on to. I only mention this because I genuinely believe that there should be a law where certain people should have their internet privileges taken away. Some of you might say that should also apply to me after I upload this post, but I’m straying off topic. My point is that there’s people out here who really cancel people “for the trolls”. To be honest I don’t even know if it’s a joke or if they’re serious sometimes. If they’re fully serious, then I think it’s about time we reintroduce natural selection into society. 

One of the recent examples I found out about, was with a tik-toker named Emma Langevin (aka The Jersey E-girl), and it was to my knowledge that she blew up almost overnight because of her visual and audio combination of being an e-girl with a New Jersey accent. Basically people we’re simping over her for her quite appalling qualities. But since her rise to fame, that made her an easy target to virtually anyone with internet access. So, as you may have predicted, the community of twitter decided to cancel Emma. Why? Because of idiots. 

Emma Langevin / The Jersey E-Girl
Emma Langevin / The Jersey E-Girl

Emma was canceled because she was following 3 people on her twitter. I won’t even name drop them because it’ll take away from the overall ridiculousness of trying to cancel someone over who they follow. At this point, people will just bust out their shovels and start digging until they find something to hold against someone. Like who actually has the time of day to do something like that? Not to mention that all they could find was that she follows some controversial figures. It’s just a stretch at this point.  

The absurdity astounds me, but yet intrigues me. It really makes me think if these people are GENUINELY offended because of who she follows, or if they’re just doing it to troll Emma and people like me. Regardless, I’m still gonna think you’re a purebred loser for intentionally taking time out of your day to purposely do something like that. 

This transitions me into the topic of sensitiveness. I’d love to go on and rant about how sensitive and soft the world is nowadays, but that’s an upload for another time. 

Let us know down in the comments what you think and how you feel about cancel culture.