• Matt Brown

Change my mind : Mask Protesters are the same people as Anti-Vaxxers.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

As you all know, the United States is having a little bit of trouble with the whole covid-19 situation. Furthermore, we can all agree that the people of the United States are the key and contributors to the issue. While some people will say the president isn’t leading and handling the situation all too well, it’s the people who make their own decisions.

Social distancing isn’t really a thing down there, and there isn’t any reason other than that they want to enjoy life. Humans are social creatures. I can sympathize with how everyone feels about the quarantine and the rules that are in effect, but the risk of infecting yourself and infecting others with a deadly disease is not worth going out for a good time.

The only reason (that I’m aware of) that was really worth getting out of your house and getting together in a large group was for the BLM peaceful protests. Key word is “peaceful”. Personally I thought it was great for people in the US to take a stand for equality, even during a pandemic. 

However, that isn’t the only excuse people are pulling to get together and get out of the house. People want to see their friends. People want to experience things. But most importantly, people want to rebel. It’s become clear to me that there is a certain select group of people that will look for any chance to exercise their right to say “it’s a free country”. When there isn’t a lockdown in effect, these people will look past the social distancing and mask wearing rules and just see a greenlight to go back to their normal lives. These people are idiots. 

However in Canada, it’s easier to go based on your judgement. We’ve actually done an impressive job at controlling the covid situation to a point where we don’t have to be so uptight about it anymore. While for our neighbors down south… It's a different story.

I saw a clip the other day where a woman was in a costco, not wearing a mask. It was to my knowledge that it was the company’s policy for all customers to wear a mask, so they asked her to leave or come back with a mask. She then proceeded to sit down in the middle of this crowded ass costco, and wouldn’t move. A grown woman. This is literally something a little kid would do when he doesn’t get what he wants. So seeing this made me wonder if she’s had a bad day or if she’s going through something, because you never know what’s going on behind the scenes of people's lives. But this still got me thinking and then I watched another video. 

The next video depicted what I assumed is a mom who is talking to her son while he records with his phone. She had bought wide-holed mesh fabric to make her own masks and was telling her story of why she bought them. She explained that she should have the right to choose to not wear a mask, but yet she still wishes to enter stores. So she then explained that instead of wearing a standard mask, she’s gonna wear a mesh one to bypass store policies. Basically she’s explaining she’s found herself a loophole... but in the process taking away the whole point of wearing a mask. 

At this point, it became clear to me that there are two types of people who don’t want to wear masks. The people who are high maintenance and the people who are full of themselves. Both kinds of these people can be labeled as idiots. 

Just because you feel the need to rebel against conformity, doesn’t mean you have to do it. I’m not sure about you guys, but I blame all high school English teachers for making us read novels about rebelling against conformity. All jokes aside, this is a serious problem. The biggest issue is when they will try and push their beliefs onto you. I see a lot of these people saying “Oh the government over-exaggerates the number of cases” and that the people higher up are straight up lying about the whole situation. Ok but why though. What do they get out of it? The only people I see benefiting from this are people who have businesses that thrive in a pandemic situation. Sure people like Bezos have a lot of money from this, but he isn’t the government. So why would the government do this to themselves? Unless there’s a huge conspiracy behind this whole thing, it’s not affecting us THAT much for us to delve into, it’s just not worth it. 

These people who believe in not wearing masks and that the virus isn’t real, are the same type of people who don’t believe in vaccinating their children. By now everyone knows that vaccinations are pretty mandatory if you wanna see your child past 5 years old. It was a serious movement that impressively gained a lot of traction, until actual smart people came to shut it down. It’s become such a joke that Family Guy even wrote an episode on it (Hot Shots season 15, episode 6, in case you wanted to watch it). The similarities come into play when you think about the type of people who believe these kinds of things. It’s simply the people who just want to be different and not conform to society. They think they have a leg up on everyone because they’re taking part in something that no one else seems to be doing. Maybe there’s a reason why nobody else seems to be doing it…? It’s not until they get a wake-up call and find that their child has contracted the bubonic plague that they understand the severity of their decision to not vaccinate their child. So it’s pretty easy to say that there’s a lot of parallels between the anti-vaxxers and anti-mask people. Personally I believe natural selection should be allowed a bit more, but at the same time, all life is indeed sacred. 

To sum things, just wear your fucking mask and do some critical thinking before you decide to do something that already isn’t popular.