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Best GPA Boosters at UBC Vancouver 2021/2022 | Upper & Lower Level University Classes

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

It’s that time of the year again. With registration starting as early as June 22nd, we wanted to recap some of the easiest, and best classes to take at UBC that will help boost your GPA! Without beating around the bush let's list out some of the best GPA booster classes to take at UBC for the Winter session of 2021/2022.

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Course registration is upon us with the following registration schedule:

June 22nd – Graduate students

June 29nd, 30th, July 2nd – Fourth years

July 6-8th – First years

July 13-18th – Third years

July 20-22nd – Second years

July 27th – Visiting students

July 29th – Unclassified and access students

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Best GPA Boosters at UBC (Vancouver) 2021/2022

Lower-Level Classes

ATSC 113

An online based class where finding all of the answers online is super easy. Most people usually have a google drive with all of the quiz answers, and so going into the final you should be relatively close to a 100%. The final is difficult, and is usually mandatory that you pass it in order to pass the class. But you are allowed a cheat sheet for the exam, and there are plenty of good one’s out there that will single-handedly help you get a decent grade on the exam. There is also a bonus project that you can do for extra credit, which can be another great way to either boost your grade, or make up for a lower final mark.

Easiness rating: 9.5/10 (if you’re fortunate enough to know someone who’s taken it before)

EOSC 114

In the past this class has been extremely easy and also somewhat interesting if you’re into learning about natural disasters. I personally found the content intriguing enough which certainly helped get a good mark in the class. To do well in this class, memorization is super important and taking this class with smart friends is also helpful. In the past there has been a group portion of each exam (which by the way there are 3) and so it can certainly help to go into them with a predetermined group of people. The exams are also not cumulative and so you can simply forget about the topics and move on after the exams.

Easiness rating: 7/10

CPSC 100

Don’t be scared by the “computer science” title. This class has almost no coding in it, and the coding it does have is super basic. I am not a CompSci student, and I did well in this class, and so did almost everyone else. The average was above an 80% in my year, and the content was super easy to understand. The class essentially gives you the background information that explains the basis of computers and programming, which can be interesting to the right people. The class itself was very straight forward and the exams were easy. The class was a little time consuming at some points, as there is also a lab component of the class. But that being said, the lab was basically free marks. All in all, this class will be a GPA booster, however it will not be a walk in the park class as you will need to exert some effort.

Easiness rating: 8.5/10

Other lower levels that I personally did not take but had friends recommend:

You can check out the background information and personalized thoughts on each course in this article here: https://www.thecapsoff.com/post/best-gpa-booster-fall-2020-ubc

GRSJ 102

Easiness rating: 9.5/10

ANTH 100

Easiness rating: 9.5/10

SOCI 100/ SOCI 101+102

Easiness rating: 7/10

CRWR 200

Easiness rating: 8/10

FMST 210

Easiness rating: 9/10 (depending on professor)

SOCI 200

Easiness rating: 9/10

SOCI 250

Easiness rating: 9/10


Easiness rating: 8/10

FIST 100

Easiness rating: N/A

Class thoughts: https://www.thecapsoff.com/post/best-gpa-booster-fall-2020-ubc

CONS 101 & 127

Easiness rating: N/A

Class thoughts: https://www.thecapsoff.com/post/best-gpa-booster-fall-2020-ubc

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Upper-Level Classes

PLAN 425

Hands-down the easiest class I have ever taken. Each week is relatively the same and I also put in minimal effort throughout this entire class (except for the final project). There is no final exam, which in itself is a big plus. But 40% of your grade comes from 4 written assignments (10% each) based on a week’s topic. You simply give your input on that topic in 500 word responses. There are 5 weeks, and only your top 4 are graded. Then there is 10% for a “memo” that you have to write, which is basically just a free 10%. And then finally there is a final project worth 50%. You get 3 options of how you want to do the final, and in my experience, the final project was marked very forgivingly and the professor wanted to see you succeed. Also the professor Su-Jan Yeo is probably one of the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet at UBC. For context, I am not in a degree related to PLAN whatsoever, and so I, like most other people taking this class, went into it with 0 prior knowledge. I did however find the material interesting and so that certainly helped with my mark. In my personal experience, I cannot recommend this class enough. The class average in my year was an 86%.

Easiness rating: 10/10 (if you put in a fair amount of work)

ADHE 412 (or any ADHE class)

These adult higher education classes are notoriously known to be easy GPA booster classes. You can’t really go wrong taking any of them, and so I would recommend taking one that is of some interest to you. In my experience with ADHE 412, it was a fully online class with no synchronous content, and from what I understand, that is standard with most ADHE classes. The class was sort of self-taugh by the students, as each week there is a new topic that students need to research and write a “blog post” on to start conversation. This means that you only really need to do work for 1 week when it is your turn. All other weeks you simply need to comment on 2 posts to further the conversation and add value in some way. The final project was also fairly easy, and can be done in groups which helps to take off some of the burden. The marking in this class is very forgiving and it is really hard to not do well.

Easiness rating: 9/10

Geog 350

I am currently taking this class as I am writing this and so far it has been very similar to ADHE. There are weekly discussion posts that you need to comment on, however you also need to write a brief post each week. There is no final exam, which also helps as you don’t need to memorize anything throughout this class. The projects seem to be decently interesting and from what I have heard, are marked generously. The class average for this class hovers around a 75% however, if you put the time into it, you can easily achieve higher marks.

Easiness rating 6/10

Class ubc easy class at UBC

Other Upper-Level GPA boosters that I did not take but others recommended:

Explanations and class specific tips can be found for some of these classes here:


Any EPSE Classes

Easiness rating: 9/10

Any CRWR 200-300 level, 213, 230, 301

Easiness rating: N/A

Easiness explanation: https://www.thecapsoff.com/post/best-gpa-booster-fall-2020-ubc

Any ECED Classes

Easiness rating: 9/10

Any CENS 200-400 level, 201, 203

Easiness rating: N/A

Easiness explanation: https://www.thecapsoff.com/post/best-gpa-booster-fall-2020-ubc

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Hopefully this list of GPA boosters will help put you on the right track towards getting that “A” average next year. As always I definitely recommend looking more into each class or speaking with your friends about them and making sure that you are actually at least somewhat interested in the classes that you are taking. You can also check out what the past years’ averages were using this site here: https://ubcgrades.com

It can also be super helpful in terms of finding other GPA boosters that were not mentioned in this article. Here at The Caps Off, we wish you the best of luck next year and hope this list helps you out!

We will be posting more GPA boosters and other University resources throughout the year – follow us on Instagram @theofficialcapsoff to stay up to date.