• Emily Yeung

Best GPA Booster Classes at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Fall 2020

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We’ve all heard it before: “GPA boosters don't exist”, “all classes are GPA boosters if you work hard enough”, “why are you at university to learn nothing”. Well people who say these things are very wrong and I am here to tell you that GPA boosters do in fact exist and wanting to take them is nothing to be embarrassed about. Of course all classes at UBC take work. None of these are classes where you pay money to do nothing. But that being said there is a difference in effort level and grade averages in each class and that can really affect your decision on whether to take a class or not. In my time at UBC I have taken many easy classes and many hard classes. Anything written below will be based solely off of mine and my friends personal experiences in hopes to help you all “boost” your GPAs. 

So here's a list for students who are looking to take a class, pay hundreds of dollars, put in the least amount of effort, learn nothing just to earn a decent grade. We’ve all been there, don't worry. 

100 level classes

SOCI 100/ SOCI 101+102

Soci 100 is a two term course or you can take both soci 101 and 102 as two separate courses. I found that 100 was beneficial because by second semester I was very familiar with how exams and papers were marked and I knew what the prof and TA were looking for.  Sociology in general is an easy class if you can think abstractly and is a good course for arts students.The class average for the year I took it in was 69, but I honestly had no trouble getting an A- in the class with very minimal effort. I think the average was just low because the majority is first years who are just coming to the realization that university is harder than high school.

Prof I took it with: Neil Guppy

Easiness rating: 7/10

Class attendance necessary: No

Readings: textbook readings but didn't read them until the exam

ANTH 100

This is an introductory course to anthropology that covers different cultures/traditions around the world. The class content itself is actually interesting but the way it is delivered is mind numbing. I attended less than 8 classes in the whole term and I slept through every single one that I did attend. There were lots of class readings but it’s unnecessary to read them all. This class should be good for people in any faculty but I especially recommend it for people who are interested in the world and seeing things from a different perspective.The class average of the year I took was a 78 which is pretty high. Pro tip: skip the lectures, he just reads from his book the entire class and its a waste of time, but attend every single discussion class with the TA. They will save your life. 

Prof I took it with: Wade Davis

Easiness rating: 9.5/10

Class attendance necessary: No, but discussion Is

Readings: He recommends you buy his book. I personally read it because I didn't attend classes, but it isn't necessary 

EOSC 114

I’m sure you’ve already heard about this class. It comes up everytime the words GPA booster is mentioned. However, I would say be hesitant with this one. Memorization skills and actual interest in weather are assets. I highly recommend taking this class with a group of smart friends because you can complete all assignments together and there's a group portion on the midterms and final. The average for this class was a 70 which isn’t bad. The class is taught by rotating profs and attendance is only necessary for clicker points. The assignments and exams are NOT easy. You do have to study a lot for this class and have a good understanding of the topic to do well on the exams. 

Prof I took it with:  Rotating Professors 

Easiness rating: 6.5/10

Class attendance necessary: yes, for clicker points

Readings: no

GRSJ 102

This class is super easy if you're interested in activism. As a feminist myself, this class was a breeze; however, if you are not interested in social justice dont take this class. When I took this class it was majority girls, which is a little sad to be honest since the content isn't really focused on women's rights but is actually more intersectional. The prof I took it with was very passionate about the topic and it is really easy to stay engaged in class. Also she brought her dog sometimes which of course made it better.  The class average was a 78, which again is super high but i think it's likely because the people who took the class are just really interested in it. 

Prof I took it with: Litsa/ Eva Chatzivasileiou

Easiness rating: 9.5/10

Class attendance necessary: Yes, she takes attendance

Readings: Yes there are necessary books to read and movies to watch outside of class 

ATSC 113

Similarly to EOSC, this class is recommended to everyone as a GPA booster. It's entirely online except for the final which is taken in person (pre-covid). Every quiz and midterm is open-book and you can just do all the readings right before you do a quiz. It takes a bit of time to go through all the readings but if you do it’s an easy A. The class average is usually 85+ and there is lots of resources online to help you. The only problem is the final. For this class, regardless of your grade before the exam, if you don’t pass the final, you don’t pass the class. The final exam is closed book with the exception of a 1 page cheat sheet and is well known for being really hard. It is quite common for people to go into the final with an A, but then fail the final and fail the class. Keep this in mind if you are registering for this class. Additionally there has been rumours every year that they're going to make this class harder, so far no evidence of it. Although it might be easy for most of the term, if you're not ready to grind for the final or if you don't perform well on cumulative multiple choice exams, I wouldn’t recommend 

Prof I took it with: Doug McCOllor 

Easiness rating: 9.5/10

Class attendance necessary: online

Readings: all online and free, but required

200 levels classes

CRWR 200

This is an introduction to creative writing class. If you’re interested in writing things like scripts, poetry, short stories etc, this class is great. Most of the content taught is stuff similar to what I learnt in high school, but that may not apply to everyone. The assessments are based on a choice of writing assignments as well as tests. The average for the class I took was 77, which is pretty high. Writing is hard to argue grades for since it's subjective grading, but if you think that you are good at writing, take this class. There's lots of flexibility in terms of work submissions and tests were super easy. There are in class assignments, but they’re not every class. If you wanted to just come to this class and watch netflix for the entire thing (Not saying I did it, but also not saying I didn’t), you can still get an A. 

Prof I took it with: Taylor Brown Evans

Easiness rating: 8/10

Class attendance necessary: no

Readings: no

FMST 210

This is a really interesting class about children and development. The biggest problem with the class is there is a great difference between the professors and how they teach/assess the class. I don't want to come here and drag any profs by name but in my opinion, take this class with Robyn Pitman  (Caroline Sanner also has good reviews) and no one else. If you take any other prof for this class you will greatly regret it, just like I did. I will write this review based on what I've heard about Robyn’s class. The class notes are fill in the blank format and there are lots of videos. Attending class isn’t necessary since she typically posts the completed notes, but it is still recommended. The average is typically high 70’s and the tests are pretty straight forward. 

Prof I took it with: worst prof in the world

Easiness rating: 9/10 in Robyns class

Class attendance necessary: no

Readings: yes textbook purchase necessary 

SOCI 200

This is a class on the relationships in families. I found that it was really interesting and quite easy to get a good grade. The readings for this class are a lot and may be hard to keep up with so keep that in mind. The exams were really easy and reminded me a bit of high school level tests. The class average when I took it was a 75 which is pretty high. The prof I took it with was pretty funny and made it easy to enjoy the class. I recommend taking it with friends because there is a group paper at the end and it's easier to work on if you know the people. Class attendance isn't necessary because the prof posted the slides online, but there are sometimes differences in online and in person notes so I still went to every class.

Prof I took it with: Oral Robinson

Easiness rating: 9/10

Class attendance necessary: yes

Readings: yes, textbook required 

SOCI 250 

This a sociology class and criminology class basically. The class looks at crimes rates and victimization rates and analyzes theories for why these numbers exist. The class is super heavy, lots of notes in class and lots of readings to do. That being said, the professor marked the exams really easy. Basically as long as you don’t leave the questions blank they’ll give you part marks. There is also a presentation you have to do in front of the entire class (although most students skip on presentation day, so there’s like 30 students watching at most), but if you have stage fright I do not recommend. The class average was 75 which is pretty good. I took this class with like 5 friends and all of us got  90+ which we were all very surprised by. The class seems harder than it actually is but the grade makes it worth it. 

Prof I took it with: Dan/Robert Smalls

Easiness rating: 9/10

Class attendance necessary: no

Readings: textbook readings required and he posts readings on canvas too 


This class is also a social justice based class but focused on literature. It fulfills the literature requirement for arts students but it landed up being pretty easy. Attendance is necessary and there is a LOT of reading, but that’s going to happen regardless of any literature class you take. The average for the class I took was 79 which is really high. The professor I had seemed pretty new to teaching and although I did well in the class I am not sure if I recommend for people who actually really want to learn about feminist literaure. But if you're taking this class just to get the requirements out of the way then I highly recommend 

Prof I took it with: Jessi Taylor

Easiness rating: 8/10

Class attendance necessary: yes she takes attendance 

Readings: yes, several books and online comics/readings 

300 level classes 

FMST 314

This is another family studies class but this one is based on relationships. This class is super helpful to anyone in a relationship or hoping to be in one in the future. It teaches you trends and habits that people in relationships have and how it can lead to negative outcomes. The class is based on exams and assignments. The assignment is pretty easy but the exam is not. The professor for this class is really nitpicky with the short answer questions, which is something I wish someone had told me before my midterm. You have to basically memorize the definitions from the slides but she does make a study guide which is helpful. The class content is just so interesting, especially if you enjoy psychology and it isn’t hard to do well. Class notes are fill in the blank and she posts the completed ones online. 

Prof I took it with: Robyn Pitman

Easiness rating: 7/10

Class attendance necessary: no

Readings: online, but not necessary 

Friend Recommendations 

These are GPA recommendations by some of my friends. These friends include sorority girls, frat boys and arts students. So basically the dumbest of the dumb. If they can get A’s in these classes, so can you. 

FIST 100 level

Introductory class to films. From what I’ve heard you just get to watch movies in class but I imagine you must have an interest in learning the technical aspects of film. The class consists of both lecture and labs keep that in mind. Many of my friends have taken this class and easily received an A. 

CONS 101, CONS 127  

Natural resource conservation has been recommended several times to me as a lesser known GPA booster but I imagine you must have a bit of interest in the subject to do well. That being said the grade averages have been typically in the upper 70’s to lower 80’s in previous years so that's pretty high.

 CRWR classes 200-300 level, CRWR 213, CWR 230, CWRW 301

In general creative writing classes are known as GPA boosters. They have tons of class topics so it's easy to find something you want to write about. It has been highly recommended by many of my friends because it's an easy A without actually attending class. All you need is the ability to write basically.

CENS classes 200-400 level , CENS 201, CENS 303

These classes are focused on conflicts, literature and cultures of central, eastern and northern Europe. They have two classes on the holocaust that I heard are really interesting and have been highly recommended. In general, if you're interested in this stuff it's an easy A

ESPE every single 300-400 level class

These are educational psychology and special education classes are typically taught online and are restricted to people in those specializations. They typically open to everyone about 2 weeks after every registration date has passed. Class sizes are small so be sure to get there quick. I’ve heard that these have class averages of over 90 and it's harder to not get an A. 

ECED every single 400 level class

Early childhood education classes that are restricted to education specialization but opens after 2 weeks of general registration. The classes are entirely online and the averages are always in the 90’s. The class sizes are small so get there quick. 

Before registering for rumored “gpa booster” classes I also recommend checking out UBC pair (only works on campus) to check out class grade averages. You can also check out UBCgrades.com to look up specific grade averages in previous years if you are off campus, but it is a bit outdated. 

Hope this list helped you guys. As I also have my registration date coming up soon I’m going to be reaching out to some friends, and friends of friends for recommendations on upper level electives and GPA boosters. If you’re still looking for more course suggestions after reading this article, drop a comment or something and I will try and write another part to this “GPA booster course list” in the next week or so. Anyway, good luck on your registration dates and may the grade averages be ever in your favour.