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Best Elective at UBC – PLAN 425 | University Course Review (Easiest GPA Class Ever)

PLAN 425

Let me start by saying that prior to taking this class I had absolutely no background in Urban Planning nor much of an interest in it. The class was super easy and was actually somewhat interesting as well. Would STRONGLY recommend this class to just about anyone - whether you are looking for a GPA booster or for an interesting elective, this one is for you (in my opinion).

Class taken online 2020 Winter Session

Class average 86%

Grade received 92%

Professor - Su-Jan Yeo

Su-Jan was quite literally one of the nicest and sweetest people I have ever met. She is super caring and compassionate, and most importantly really cared about the topics. She tried out a lot of different delivery techniques during online classes, and even though some of them were hit or miss, it was nice to see that she was trying new things.

Easy A gpa booster

Course overview

The class was very easy and straightforward. The grading in the class was broken down into a final assignment (50%), 5 writing assignments (40% - 10% each with the lowest writing assignment being omitted) and a thank you note to a guest speaker (10% - basically a free 10% where you just have to do it). Each week was broken up into a different module with a lecture and assigned readings (which you did not have to pay for). You then had to write a reflection piece on it that related it to things in your personal life or just add value to the topic in any way. There were 5 of these where only your top 4 were used in your final grade. The grading was reasonable, depending on who your TA is marking it but realistically it wasn’t hard to get a decent mark. The final assignment we were given a choice between 3 options. 1 an individual paper essay on a certain topic (meaning you technically only really need to learn 1 concept all semester), a group paper (which was just a longer version of the first option) and a ~3 minute video assignment. I chose the 3rd option as I was able to choose a very easy topic and gain a bunch of bonus marks just for making the video look nice. I did have previous video editing experience and so it made that whole process easier, but even in the rubric it states that you get a free 10% on the assignment just for choosing to do a video. If you choose to do the video in a group, you can also get more free marks just by getting good peer reviews. In total I spent about 1-2 hours on this class each week during the first half. And then once I was done 4 of the reflection papers and finished the final video early, I didn’t need to attend a single lecture or do any work for the rest of the semester. Granted I did still go to the lectures and do all the readings because they were somewhat of interest to me, but realistically the entire second half of the course could have been considered *optional*.

Tips/advice for this class

  1. If you want to get a good mark with minimal work, do a single class reading each week and just make your entire write-up about that specific reading. The TA will appreciate your in-depth approach and you won’t need to waste time doing the other readings.

  2. Do the final project video option! Bonus if you do it in a group with people you know (for more bonus marks). Even if you’re not that great at video editing, they still appreciate the effort. Plus the work that goes into it is far easier than an essay.

  3. There is no participation marks or major benefits to going to class, and so you could definitely get through this class without it. That being said, Su-Jan is an amazing professor and in my opinion is well worth attending her classes/office hours if you have the time!

Overall this class was somewhat interesting, super straightforward, not a lot of work and definitely boosted a lot of people’s GPAs. 10/10 would recommend (especially with Su-Jan!).