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Beer Review #2 - Phillips Brewing's Dinosour Blackberry Sour Ale - Perfect Balance of Sweet and Sour

Phillips Brewing Dinosaur Blackberry Sour Ale

Let’s talk about Phillips Brewing, this Vancouver Island brewery embodies everything exciting and quirky about the craft beer experience. And I love it! Head to toe their beer lineup is full of delicious and crazy options like their Electric Unicorn White IPA (which is amazing), Glitterbomb Hazy Pale, Implosion Pilsner, and trust me, the names only get better from there.

Phillips Brewing can be found in the heart of Victoria, BC, where you can be greeted by their friendly staff and sit down at their tasting room to try a brew unlike anything you've had before.

Flavor - Now let's get down to business. This review is on their Dinosour and man is it good. It's a blackberry sour ale, filled fruity flavors, bright red color and a nice thick consistency. Sours aren't usually up my ally but the berry flavors and the tartness make for the perfect balance of sweet and sour. It’s almost candy-like flavor makes for a nice change and is the perfect way to ease into a night of drinking or sip on and compliment a salty snack.

How quickly can you get buzzed - the Dinosour comes in at a lower ABV of 4.2% but this is typical when we're comparing in the sour category. Although this is below your average beer I still found that it packs a little bit of a bite but if you're simply looking for something to get you tipsy quick, its sour punch and lower ABV wouldn't be what you're looking for. That being said, if you're looking for a casual sweet sipper that gets a decent buzz, it might be perfect for you.

Miscellaneous – From the crazy elaborate packing and label to the bold blackberry flavors in the sour, beers and breweries like this are why the craft beer scene is so fun to explore and sample. Props to Phillips Brewing.

I give it a 7.9