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Beer Review #1 - Lighthouse Brewing Ghost Ship Hazy IPA - Gateway Beer into IPA's

Lighthouse Brewing Ghost Ship Hazy IPA Image


$13.99 - 4 x 473ml

Lighthouse Brewing is no stranger to the craft beer scene. Founded in 1998, Lighthouse Brewing has come out with several notable beers in the past such as their popular Shipwreck IPA, Race Rocks Ale, and most recently the Ghost Ship Hazy IPA. They can be found in the beautiful harbor city of Victoria, BC where you can join them on the patio or in their tasting room.

Now about the beer. Although they've pumped out plenty of craft beer for the past 22 years, the Ghost Ship IPA is a fairly new staple and was only introduced in 2019. The beer falls under the Hazy IPA category and for an IPA this beer is surprisingly easy to drink. So if you're just getting into India Pale Ales or want to impress the hot blonde waitress at the bar by ordering an IPA this is a damn good choice to go with.

Flavor – When it comes to the flavor I was truly impressed. It offers the standard bitterness that comes with your classic New England style IPA but counters the bite quite well with its super fruity twist. This beer packs strong aromas of grapefruit, peach, and citrus flavors that make it almost juice-like, which can be dangerous in its own sense. Another important note is that it doesn't have the dank smell most IPA's have which helps if you're only used to drinking Bud Lights. Overall I found it to be a very balanced and an absolute treat to drink.

How quickly can you get buzzed - The Ghost Ship IPA has an ABV of 6.0% which is on the lower end of most IPA's. That being said it does pack more of a punch than your average beer. I found this beer to be lighter than your standard IPA which makes them go down easier and doesn't fill you up as much as most IPA’s. This paired with the silky consistency mixed with its juicy flavors puts it pretty high on the scale, if you're looking for a beer that can give you a quick and easy day-drunk by the lake.

Miscellaneous – I personally enjoy that they stay true to the port city roots with all their names and can designs which makes them stand out in a competitive craft beer market in Victoria. Overall, this is an outstanding beer and a perfect "gateway beer" into IPA's.

I give it an 8.4/10.