• Jason Wheeler

BC COVID-19 Regulations 2.0 [Dr. Bonnie Henry] | Vancouver Coronavirus Restrictions & Policy Nov. 19

As cases continue to spread across the province, Dr. Bonnie Henry has addressed the public to yet again increase precautionary measures to slow the spread of the virus. As set in place last week, the social lockdown has proven somewhat successful to limit the transmissions of the virus; however, due to part of the public’s negligence, cases continue to exceed 500+ per day. With the lack of significant results, the following changes are being made to the social lockdown:

  • Social lockdown extended to December 7th, 2020

  • High risk fitness activities are suspended, such as hot yoga and spin classes

  • Increased inspections for all businesses (especially bars and pubs) to ensure all companies are following proper COVID-19 protocols and guidelines

  • Rapid response teams created to deal with workplace outbreaks surrounding COVID-19

  • Mandatory masks in all retail spaces and indoor public areas (except when eating or drinking)

COVID-19 policy update november 19

As set out in the first social lockdown issued last week, people are limited to physically interacting with people within the same household (this includes roommates). For people who live on their own, they are allowed to interact with 1 or 2 other people who they deem close to them.

With over 6,926 active cases across the province, and 528 new daily cases yesterday, it is imperative that people adhere to these guidelines and begin making their own personal enjoyment sacrifices for the greater good of the entire province. Currently there are over 127 people hospitalized due to the coronavirus, and 59 in intensive care.

Bonnie henry bc

As much as we would love to think these changes will make the difference needed to lower the curve, it won’t happen just by making these rules. It requires the action of the majority of the public to put the needs of others, above their own wants. Everyone wants to get back to partying and enjoying social gatherings, but the longer we keep sneaking in these small social gatherings, the longer we will all continue to stay in isolation.