• Matt Brown

Authors Top 15 Favourite Hip-Hop Songs of 2020 | Best Rap Songs of 2020

This is a list of my favourite Hip-Hop songs of 2020. This is by no means a "best songs of 2020" list, but it's simply what I found to be my most played hip-hop songs of the year. They're simply songs I personally enjoy, and maybe you guys will like them too. And if you don't, that's alright. With all that cleared up, let's get into the list.

15. Codeine (feat. Gunna) - Nav

Personally, I think this is one of Nav’s best songs. He actually has a smooth, Gunna-like flow as opposed to his normal robotic monotone voice. And what would a Gunna styled song be without Gunna? One of the few redeeming songs apart from an overall disappointing album.

14. Tyrone 2021 (feat. Big Sean) - Ty Dolla $ign

Bridging the gap between R&B and rap, Ty Dolla $ign and Big Sean create a perfect laid back song that could still get you moving. Murda Beatz mixes an Erykah Badu sample with a consistent bassline that takes the spotlight of the song. The song is retelling of Erykah Badu’s song “Tyrone”, where the perspective is of a woman who’s kicking out a toxic male partner. “Tyrone 2021” flips the script and tells the story of a man who is in a relationship with a toxic female partner, and what he should do.

13. Company - Don Toliver

Don’t listen to this song unless you're absolutely high as a kite. Not technically a rap or hip-hop song, but definitely fitting more comfortably into the “psychedelic rap” category. “Company” has a suspensefully slow buildup that ultimately pays off in the end. True appreciation for the song doesn’t come unless you’re totally immersed into the song. Not a song for everyone, but it definitely stood out to me as one of my most replayed songs this year.

12. Good Evening - Shordie Shordie & Murda Beatz

An absolute vibe of a song. Honestly, I’ve never really listened to Shordie Shordie before this song, but this song has made me a fan. His voice might be a bit croaky, but his ability to ride the beat and create the song impressed me. Murda Beatz puts together one of the better produced beats of the year with all the right samples and mixes you could possibly come to expect from a producer of his reputation.

11. Stay Down - Lil Durk, 6lack & Young Thug

Lil Durk has been in the game for a while, but 2020 has definitely been the year where he started getting some mainstream attention. A variety of collaborations (such as Drake) have put him on the map as a solid rap contender. DY Krazy and Metro Boomin come together to create a late night vibe, with 6lack and Young Thug contributing great additions. 6lack takes the mvp of the track with a smooth and simple chorus. One of my favorite late night songs of 2020.

10. BET Uncut (feat. Chance The Rapper & Smino)- MadeinTYO

Not sure why, but this song reminds me of the musical glory days of 2016-2017. MadeinTYO does his thing over a ridiculously smooth beat produced by his long-time producer K Swisha. The features weren’t terrible, and I was pleasantly surprised with how Smino did. Could’ve done without the Chance The Rapper feature, but that’s a small price to pay for an overall smooth listen.

9. THE SCOTTS - Travis Scott & Kid Cudi

It was peak quarantine when this song dropped, and I remember it previewed on fortnite, which honestly was kind of hilarious. It’s exceptionally produced and Travis and Kid Cudi do not disappoint. Out of the 3 most recent Travis Scott singles since ASTROWORLD, I’d say “THE SCOTTS” was the best. Simply a pure banger.

8. Euphoria (feat. Travis Scott & Kaash Paige) - Don Toliver

Don Toliver provides yet another vibe of a song, this time with help from Kaash Paige and Travis Scott himself. Don plays a minor role in this song, while Kaash Paige presents an atmospheric chorus, with Travis chipping in a verse and some lines. Not really a song to play in front of the boys, but it definitely hits all the necessary aspects to be considered a great late night song.

7. Solitaires (feat. Travis Scott) - Future

“Solitaires” wasn’t a favorite of mine right off the bat, but it slowly grew on me. Peak performances by Travis and Future, with a unique beat to compliment their styles. A higher paced song, but easy enough to follow along, it’s a solid banger.

6. Many Men - 21 Savage & Metro Boomin

Easily my favorite song off of “Savage Mode II”. Personally, I felt like this song embodied classic 21 Savage, while also showing off his improvement since when he first came onto the scene. Metro Boomin continues to impress with his beats, and “Many Men” is no exception. I also appreciated the 50 Cent sample at the end, which was a nice little nod to the original song.

5. Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) - Pop Smoke

Don’t really know why this song didn’t blow up as much as the other songs off of “Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon”, but it doesn’t matter, the fact remains that this song is an absolute banger. Even without my bias, I still think “Snitching” was one of the better songs off of Pop Smoke’s posthumous album. Buddha Bless makes one of the hardest beats I’ve heard all year, while Quavo, Pop Smoke, and Future all perform exceptionally.

4. Prices - Lil Uzi Vert

While listening to “Eternal Atake” for the first time, I was too busy freaking out about “P2” being a part 2 to “XO TOUR Llif3”, to even realize how great “Prices” was. The sample from Travis Scott’s “Way Back” has been completely repurposed from being a vibe, to an absolute rage of a beat. Uzi brings stellar energy, great flow, and surprisingly good lyrics. An energetic banger that definitely stuck with me all throughout 2020.

3. Lemonade (feat. Don Toliver & Nav) - Internet Money & Gunna

You ever hear a song, and think to yourself : “Yea this is a hit”. Whatever your answer, this was my thoughts when I first heard “Lemonade”. “Lemonade” came out sometime during the summer and I couldn’t stop playing it. Even when it gained mainstream attention, it still withstood the test of “being overplayed”. Even tiktok couldn’t deter me away from this masterpiece of a song. Don Toliver has officially established himself as a king of hooks, while Nav and Gunna deliver great verses. Wouldn’t be fair to not credit Internet Money for this perfectly produced beat either. If I had to choose one song to define 2020 summer, it would be “Lemonade”.

2. Come This Way - Lil Uzi Vert

The biggest hidden gem of “Eternal Atake (Deluxe) - LUV vs. The World 2”. An absolute vibe of a track. Lil Uzi creates an amazing chorus that’s extremely easy to follow, with each verse building up to the eventual beat drop. There’s something about the beat that you just have to admire as well. There’s no complaints about this track (other than that the OG version is better than the released version).

1. Cardigan - Don Toliver

My favorite song of 2020 by a longshot. When I first heard Don Toliver on “ASTROWORLD”, I immediately looked him up and looked at his work, where I could easily tell he had massive potential. Since then, I’ve been a fan and been following his releases. He released a few notable singles, not to mention his part in Cactus Jack’s “JACKBOYS”, but I was more so looking forward to his album release. When it dropped, “Cardigan” stood out immediately as that one song. “Cardigan isn’t as reliant on the beat, but more so on his vocals and flow. His ability to navigate through different fields of vocal ranges and keep the energy going from verse-to-chorus is what makes this song so great to me. I’m excited to see what Don has for us in the future.