• Chris Larson

#1 - Best New Hip Hop/Rap Songs Ranked and Reviewed (feat. G-Eazy, 6lack, Lil Mosey & More) - July 3

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

“Everything’s Strange Here”- G Eazy

This album is completely different from what we normally get from G Eazy. The start of the album really came off like it was going to be an alternative style of album. It’s more like a relaxing, dark and ominous type which caught me a bit off guard but I vibe with it. The album would be a solid album to use as some background music maybe when you’re sitting and vibin’ in bed or just crankin out some school work. I personally enjoyed the album just cause I like the chill laid back vibes of it like you can just sit back, listen and chill. 

Songs I personally enjoyed from the album are (from order in the album) 

1. “All the things you’re searching for”

2. “Stan By Me” 

3. “Nostalgia Cycle” 

4. “Had enough”

Overall it’s a solid album just different from his norm but I would have to give it a 3/5 on my ranking just because it’s so different a lot of people wouldn’t want to listen to songs like that. 

6Lack Album Review

“6pc Hot EP”

Really enjoyed the album, I thought all the songs were solid tunes that you’d have to expect from 6lack. I'm not a huge 6lack fan but I enjoyed this album more than some of his previous albums. Album is just laid back, Slow R/&B great for hanging with your partner maybe breaking out the Netflix and chill. 

Songs I personally enjoyed from the album (Order from in the album) 

1. Long Nights  

2. Float. 

3. Know My Rights 

4. Outside

Overall I’d give it a 4/5 just cause it’s got a couple Bops on there that I would listen to again if I were to ever get laid. 

Tee Grizzley Album Review

The Smartest - Tee Grizzley

He fell off a bit in my opinion and was never really a huge fan. I always thought all his songs sound the same just with different features. Well with this album if you’re a fan of Tee Grizzley you’re going to like it but if you listened to one song you listened to the whole album. 

Overall the album’s alright but also pretty Bunk at the same time. 2/5

“Back At It” Lil Mosey feat Lil Baby

Overall, a pretty solid tune got a catchy hook and solid beat, nothing really super special about the song. Also feel like Lil Baby kinda mangled the song a little bit, his verse wasn’t brutal but it wasn’t the best either.

Overall give the song a 2/5 maybe it's a little Bunk.

Whats Poppin - Jack Harlow (Re done)

Same hook but different lyrics and some with some significant features like DaBaby, Lil Wayne and Torey Lanez

Song still slaps though 4/5

Bop Of The Week

Know My Rights - 6lack (feat Lil Baby)