#9 New Country Music Album/Song Releases (feat. Chris Stapleton, Keith Urban And More)

Timeless - Dallas Smith

Timeless - Dallas Smith

This album was more of the same from Dallas Smith which I respect. Dallas Smith's music leans more to the pop side more than the country side but with this album it wasn't over produced which for me is perfect. I had the album kind of on my radar when the song "Timeless" was released ahead of the album on his EP, just because it was super catchy and real easy to listen to. I really enjoyed the album overall, I think that any casual country listener would enjoy this album because of the catchy melodies and the overall playability of the all of the songs. You could enjoy some songs from the album in the car, at the beach or even studying. With more albums like this I think that Dallas Smith could become one of the bigger names in country music.

Overall I'd give the album a 8.5/10

Songs I enjoyed from the album

1. Drop

2. Timeless

3. Somethings Never Change (feat HARDY)

4. Like A Man

5. Rhinestone World

6. The Fall

7. Bars

8. People I've Known

Starting Over - Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton cover art

Chris Stapleton has been putting out great song after song. This song was definitely great, I really liked how the acoustic guitar was so pronounced and how the drums just added that little extra that the song definitely needed.

Overall I'd give the song an 8.5/10

Tumbleweed - Keith Urban

Keith Urban cover photo

Keith has put out some good songs in the past like "Blue Ain't Your Colour" but oh my he's been putting out some straight trash as of late and I think this song is a highlight of the poor writing of his songs that have been released this past year the beat the melody do not clique and the beat is terrible. It's

Overall I'd give the song a solid 1/10 barely.