• Emily Yeung

8 Places to Study on Campus at UBC | University of British Columbia Study Spots

Someone studying with books, laptop and coloured pencils.

  • Book a study room in a library: Use the library website to book study rooms. This can be especially helpful when you have group projects or during exam season when it's near impossible to find an empty seat to study in the library.

  • Nest in the back hallways: This one may seem surprising due to the nosiness and the chaos that the nest usually is. That being said, by some weird engineering magic, the back hallways are always super quiet, no matter how loud the nest is. There are no tables, but if you're fine without one, the couches in the back hallway are a great place to grind out a paper

  • Life building in the early morning until noon: This one may also seem kinda crazy but I find the life building is a great place to study in the early morning up until lunch when it starts to get busy. Plus it is near lots of food choices so it's easy to grab a bite in between studying.

  • Life science building: No this is not the same as life building. Life sci is a fave study space for those in greek life. There are long tables to study at so its great if you're going with friends. The building is sometimes locked though and you have to wait outside until someone opens the door for you, but it's near Starbucks you can grab a hot coffee and just wait it out.

  • Forestry building: Apparently UBC has a forestry faculty or something. Despite the slightly irrelevant degree, they have a great building to study at. It's beautiful and calming. I don't know why but the lighting has the right relaxing vibes.Also its attached to a Tims so that's a big pro.  

  • Sauder library: The place isn't very big, but if you're in a Sauder, you can book rooms here (and there are a lot of them). If you’re not in a Sauder you can try asking bcom friends to book them for you. 

  • Residence lounges: The residence lounges are really under-utilized by kids who live on res. Also if you don’t live on res, you can still enter and use the common areas since no one checks. 

  • Woodward building: I’m not a huge fan of the wood building since it looks and feels ancient. However, wood has a library inside that usually has tons of seats and everyone is really focused. It a great place to cram for exams.

  • Allard law school: Technically you have to be a law student to study here but they don't really check unless it's finals season. It’s always worth a shot and you just feel a lot smarter when your surrounded by tons of focused law students.

  • Bean around the world: This is one of the few coffee shops on campus with lots of seating. The only problem is that it's a bit pricey and there is a 2 hour seating limit. I’m not sure how enforced the seating limit is but I say always push the limits and reach for the stars.