#8 New Country Album/Song Reviews (feat Brothers Osbourne, Dean Brody, Hardy And More)

Skeletons - Brothers Osbourne

skeleton Brothers Osbourne cover

I like how the song starts off pretty dark with a hard guitar and some low humming. This song isn't like a traditional country song with the slower tempo. I think the songs awesome its got some bold drums and guitar bits with an awesome melody. The songs not one you can sit on the beach and relax to but more like something you'd love to hear at a concert.

Overall I'd give the song a 7.5/10

Getting Over Him - Lauren Alaina (feat. Jon Pardi)

Jon Pardi Lauren Alaina picture

Song's about getting over someone and how the person they're hooking up with is just a bounce back. The songs has a catchy hook and a solid beat. Having Jon Pardi on the song as a duet was a great choice he added that extra bit of twang to the song that I think was lacking a little bit. This song definitely is making it into my playlist but not something I'd want to listen to on repeat.

Overall I'd give the song a 7/10

Bucket List - Dean Brody

Bucket List - Dean Brody

This is Dean Brody's song of summer. The songs alright, the chorus feels like it could've been stronger but the tempo of the song is ok and its a decent listen. Not really a song I would want to listen in the car but more of one sitting outside in the sun and half listening to the music.

Overall I'd give the song a 5/10

Boyfriend - HARDY

Boyfriend - HARDY cover art

I've been a fan of HARDY ever since he dropped HIXTAPE Vol.1. This songs about wanting to break up with his girl because she's just getting a little too clingy and wanting to take the next step in the relationship while he isn't ready. I enjoyed the word play and how easy the song is to listen to. This song is definitely one of the highlights of the releases this week.

Overall I'd give the song an 8.5/10