• Matt Brown

#8 - Best New Hip-Hop / Rap Songs of August 14th (feat. Drake, Don Toliver, Lil Durk, Gunna, NAV)

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Cover Art For Laugh Now Cry Later

Laugh Now Cry Later (feat. Lil Durk)

Pretty surprised about how this ended up sounding. The way this song sounds reminds me of a 2016-17 Drake summer song for some reason. Perhaps it’s because it’s a laid back song with softer production. I think it’s a really good song that fits into the chill hip-hop vibe perfectly. Lil Durk does a decent job, but unfortunately doesn’t stick around long enough to be a real presence on the track. Overall, Drake does a solid job at keeping things fresh, yet familiar with this new song.

And for that, it's gonna be a 7.9/10.

Cover Art For Lemonade

Lemonade (feat. Don Toliver & NAV) - Single by Internet Money & Gunna

Songs owned by producers are usually always very mid tier. Going into my first listen, I was expecting nothing special, especially knowing Internet Money. I was simply expecting a thrown together song with a bunch of high class features for the click value. But surprisingly, the song melds together very well. Each feature seems to be serving a purpose in this song, all the while Internet Money mixes in a summer themed beat. Don Toliver provides a memorable chorus, NAV provides a “unique” verse, and Gunna flows nonchalantly over the beat. 

An overall solid song, I’ll give this a 7.7/10.

Cover Art For CUT EM IN

CUT EM IN (feat. Rick Ross) - Single by Anderson .Paak

I’m not the hugest Anderson .Paak fan, but I do respect his work and know that he’s very talented. But with this recent single, I was a little disappointed with the missed potential. Hit-Boy makes an amazing beat, yet the only time I see Anderson .Paak ride this beat is in the first 50 seconds. He then proceeds to slow it down and talk about his spending habits??? Personally, I hate it when a song slows down abruptly, especially when it was just picking up. Rick Ross provides a mediocre verse, which also adds to the disappointment. Personally I thought this song could’ve been wayyyyy better than what it turned out to be.

And for that, I’ll give it a 7/10.

Cover Art For Bands Out Tha Roof

Bands out tha Roof - Highlight from Lil Mosey’s Certified Hitmaker (AVA Leak)

Lil Mosey tries to tap into his old ways with a song that has similar production to his 2018 hit Kamikaze. This song is a classic Lil Mosey song, and regardless of how good it sounds, it loses points for unoriginality. You might as well listen to the better “version” of this song : Kamikaze. But credit is owed where credit is due, and I must say that Lil Mosey continues to show off his flow, which is definitely his strongest asset. 

I’ll give it a 6.8/10.