#7 Best New Country Songs/Albums Review August 14 (Feat. Jon Pardi, Morgan Wallen And Eric Pasley)

Rancho Fiesta Sessions - Jon Pardi

Rancho Fiesta Sessions - Jon Pardi Album

This album was a raw sounding album, it wasn't overproduced if anything it could've had a little more touching up. I really enjoyed the concept though and how Jon got away from the pop country music that's been flooding the radio and put out something that is totally different than what's out there right now. Most of the songs didn't have the catchy melodies that we are used to hearing from Jon but the songs weren't written and produced to be #1 on country radio but more of a casual listen while your putting a dent in your 12 pack. I do like the old school sound it's been lost recently and I'm glad to see a big name like Jon Pardi going old school.

Overall I'd give the album a 6.5/10

Songs I enjoyed from the album

  1. Nothing Compares 2 U

  2. Marina Del Ray

  3. Honkey Tonk Man

Nice Guy - Eric Pasley

Nice Guy - Eric Pasley Album Cover

This album was a little underwhelming, Eric put out an EP earlier with a couple solid songs and with this album I thought he would've been able to build off the EP. A couple songs on this album I was shocked how bad they were like " I took a pill in Ibiza" he tried to do a country rendition which was not great to say the least. The writing on the album didn't seem to suit his voice and his style of singing.

Overall I'd give the album a 4.2/10

Songs I liked from the album

  1. Boat In A Bottle

  2. Under Your Spell

  3. Endless Summer

7 Summers - Morgan Wallen

7 Summers - Morgan Wallen Album Cover

Morgan Wallen has become one the biggest names in country music for good reason. Morgan has put out some unreal songs in the past and this week he definitely didn't disappoint. 7 summers is up there for the "song of the summer" title.

I'd give the song a 10/10