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#6 Best New Country Songs (feat Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Darius Rucker) August 7

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Born Here Live Here Die Here - Luke Bryan

Live Here Die Here Luke Bryan Album Cover

The album starts off with the summer staple "knocking Boots" I'm not gonna lie I didn't like the song when it first came out but after listening to it a couple more times it started to grow on me. The first half of the album was pre released leading up to the release of the album but that doesn't take away from the fact that they're solid songs, that are well written and super catchy. I think the "low key slapper" title of the entire album is a toss up between "Too Drunk To Drive" and "Down To One" the two songs are both catchy hooks and a beat that can get you easily singing along to definitely good tunes to listen to buzzing down the highway or crushing your 9th drink of the night.

Overall I'd Give The Album a solid 9/10

Songs I enjoyed from the album (that weren't already released)

  1. Too Drunk To Drive

  2. Little Less Broken

  3. For A Boat

  4. Where Are We Goin

  5. Down To One

Change Your Mind - Keith Urban

Keith Urban change your mind album cover

Keith Urban has put out some hot garbage for a little while now but this song is borderline good. I think he could do without the pop music style beat, I think it's a well written song but just not the right beat or producing behind it. He just needs to take it back to the roots and simplify it again like he did in "Blue Ain't Your Colour" because that was a great song which was simple basically just a guitar and a set of drums.

Beers And Sunshine - Darius Rucker

Beers and sunshine darius rucker album cover

This is Darius's take on a catchy summer song which is weird that it's coming out this far into the summer. The songs pretty catchy overall but I think listening to it more than a couple times will definitely make it a little annoying pretty quickly but I guess it could work well as some background beach music and hope that it doesn't come on repeat.