• Jason Wheeler

5 Popular TV Shows/Movies You Didn't Know Were Filmed at UBC | University of British Columbia Films

UBC is an insanely beautiful campus and I would argue that if it weren’t for the constant construction and movie filming going on around campus, it would be the nicest campus in all of Canada. Depending on how you look at it, this can be a really cool thing or just a pain in the butt, but regardless, one of the coolest perks of being a UBC student (in my opinion) is getting to walk by the movie sets on my way to classes. Every day for about 3 weeks straight, I would get to watch scenes being shot live, whether it be on the main mall area where they filmed The Order, or in the Nest where they filmed some cheesy musical TV show (high school musical the show?)

So even though we are not able to be on campus right now, I wanted to go over 5 movies/TV shows that you may not have known were shot at UBC.

the order

1. The Order (Netflix)

This weird Netflix show about Werewolves and magic was certainly an interesting one. Had it not been shot at UBC, I never would’ve watched it. I’m not mad that I did finish the whole series, nor am I happy that I did. The show was weird and far-fetched, but that just made it that much more entertaining. The trailer was by far the best part about the entire movie, however, sadly the rest of the movie did not live up to that style of comedic dialogue. The entire series, I found myself waiting for another discourse similar to that of the trailer, just to be left disappointed. The show was mainly filmed in front of the Sauder building, where you can occasionally see the big “rock” that stands in the middle of the path. The math building also makes an appearance as an evil lab for werewolf test subjects and a few other notable places around campus can also be recognized throughout the show.

2. She’s The Man (Movie)

Who hasn’t seen this classic? Amanda Byne’s memorable journey to play on an all male soccer team while hiding the fact that she was a girl may not sound like a notable movie, but you’d be wrong. This movie was filmed at the Thunderbird stadium, where the UBC’s football games, soccer game and rugby games are occasionally played. The stadium can be seen pictured below.

3. The X-Files (TV Show)

I’ve personally never seen this show, however, the first episodes were predominantly shot at UBC, and in the reboot of the series you can find them at UBC even more so. Scenes were often shot outside on the Main Mall area, along with many other buildings around campus.

4. Tomorrowland (Movie)

After adding hundreds of props and CGI, it may be difficult to make out that some of the scenes in this movie were shot on Main Mall at UBC. Pictured below you can see the famous UBC fountain at the end of the Main Mall walkway, as well as the “2 lanes” along either side.

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Movie)

Not much of this movie was filmed at UBC, however, if you skip to the scene for the raid on the “Lagos” compound, you will be able to recognize the Buchanan tower at UBC. It goes by quick and the building is obviously not the center of attention, and so it's just one of those “if you know, you know situations”.