• Gabe S-Fu

4 University New Years Resolutions That You Will Not Stick With

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

New Year's Resolutions Image

With 2021 already in motion, it has become tradition for a lot of people to create plans or ideas to better their life. At the beginning of the new year, people will write down or say what they will do to improve certain habits or change their lifestyles. I for one don’t participate in stuff like this, but I am very interested in people who do. Most people start the new year strong and stick with their resolutions. Eventually, they crack and stop doing the things they said they would do. With this in mind, I will be taking a look at 4 resolutions that you will not stick with as a university student. And don’t lie, you know some of these have made your list.

Get More Sleep/Increased Attendance in Class

Oh… This is an easy one. I mean how hard is it to go to sleep early and get on a regular sleep schedule. Also, if you sleep on time, that means you’ll be well rested and you won’t sleep through your 11 am class or find an excuse to miss it. But here's the issue, you end up going to bed quite late for a few nights, you accidentally binge watch a netflix show until 4am, you pull an all-nighter studying for an exam, or maybe you go out for a couple of drinks and it ends up being like 10 drinks and you find yourself taking the walk of shame at 6am in the morning. All of these reasons and plenty more will make you sleep late and mess up your sleep schedule. As university students, it’s almost inevitable that your sleep schedule will not be consistent. For attendance in classes, everyones gonna take a few days off here and there, it’s bound to happen. But with most people being locked up at home with nothing to do, maybe this is the best time to achieve these goals.

Eat Healthier/Cook Meals at Home

Right now, we live in a world where it is a dream to be an Uber Eats driver. So many people order take out these days and as much as public dining is still open, most people still prefer to order online. So will you achieve your goals of eating healthier? Probably not. But, I think there’s a better chance of us eating healthier now. With a lot of us spending more time at home, more of us probably will pick up more cooking and spend time taking care of ourselves. On the other hand, I know way too many people who get lazy and will Uber Eats McDonald’s instead of walking five minutes to a grocery store. Good luck with eating healthier though, you’re gonna need it.

Work Out/Exercise More Often

This is for all my wannabe gym bros out there. If you ever wanna join Sigma Chi, I would put this on your list of resolutions. This resolution has been around for a long time. People will start out buying a yearly membership at their local fitness establishment. For the first week, they’ll workout everyday but week by week, the visits get less until they stop going to the gym completely. That’s gonna happen to all of you. Plus, some people don’t feel gyms are safe places right now, so there’s even less people. Better go buy a home gym.

Drink Less

Depending who you are, you might have ambitions to drink less. For the average university student who drinks for social occasions and wants to drink less, this is for you. Those who say they will drink less during their university years as a resolution probably blacked out on New Years and wanted to change. But you know when a party calls their name, they will pull out the 24 pack or a 2-6 of vodka and start drinking again. So cheers to another great year of drinking, because none of us will hold this resolution.