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4 Dorm Friendly Cocktails | Ingredients and Recipes to Make Cocktails In Your Dorm

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Midterm szn got you down? Gloomy October weather got you feeling a little off? Well, as they say, alcohol is the cure to many (pretty much all) problems. We all love chugging our favourite cheap beers and drinking straight out of a mickey of Smirnoff, but believe it or not, it’s actually not too hard to whip up some easy cocktails right in your own dorm room. Yup, you don’t need to go to a Cactus or Earls to enjoy any of these. These are especially useful for those of you living in first year residence, since you have a huge variety of juices and mixers available for free (well, not really but chances are your parents are paying for your meal plan) at your disposal in the dining halls. It’s hella easy to substitute ingredients for these too, so you’ll definitely have no problem whipping any of these up.

The only issue you might run into is not having access to ice. The best solution would be to get an ice tray and stick it into your personal fridge. If you can’t get that, at least make sure all your ingredients are chilled when needed. These are all best served in clear glasses, whether plastic or glass. Try to avoid using red solo cups.

All of these are made with a double shot, because why the f*ck not. Feel free to be a buzzkill and lower them to a single shot, if you so please.

1.) Tequila Sunrise

Believe it or not, this is so goddamn easy to make. You really only need 3 ingredients.

2 OZ of tequila

1 OZ of cherry flavoured juice (honestly, any red flavoured drink that has the word cherry or berry in it will work)

~4 OZ of orange juice (depends on the size of your glass)

First, you want to mix the tequila and orange juice, preferably with some ice. If you don’t have ice, make sure your tequila and juice are chilled. Make sure you have a decent amount of space left in the cup for the cherry juice. Once it’s well combined, at a very slow pace, pour the cherry juice over it. The end result will be dope.

2.) Whiskey Sour

I know what you’re thinking. There’s usually a bunch of f*cking ingredients thrown into one of these, especially if you’re watching a professional bartender make one. But it is seriously so easy to make a simple version. The best part is that the taste difference is so minuscule, unless you’re a cocktail connoisseur.

2 OZ of whiskey

1 OZ of simple syrup (more on how to make a simple syrup below) or honey

1 OZ of lemon juice (if you can’t find lemon, lime would work but lemon is definitely better)

Alright, so for the simple syrup what you’re gonna wanna do is mix 1 part water with 1 part of sugar. What I’d do is mix around 1/4 cup of boiling hot water (microwaved to boiling temperature is fine if you don’t have a stove) with around 1/4 cup of sugar. Once it’s well combined, toss it into your fridge and leave it there till it’s chilled. Simple syrup is used for tons of different cocktails so keeping some on hand at all times isn’t too bad of an idea. If you don’t have access to sugar or water (lol) then honey works fine too.

All you need to do is throw all three ingredients into a glass with ice and shake it by putting another larger glass over the one with your cocktail in it. Shake well until it’s fully combined. Whiskey sours are generally shaken until mixed, but if you can’t shake it for whatever reason, you could give this a good, vigorous stir, too. Once it’s well combined, pour the drink into another glass without the ice. You could either do this by carefully pouring it, or by removing the ice with a fork. The second is obviously ghetto as f*ck, but you’re in a dorm room and making ends meet, so it works.

3.) Margarita

I love tequila. And one of the best ways to enjoy it is with a margarita. This obviously isn’t gonna be like what you’d get at Earls, but honestly, it’s really almost just as good. And it’s way easier and incredibly less messy to make. And if you’re planning on getting rowdy in Orchard Commons, this is an ideal way to do it.

2 OZ of tequila

1 OZ of lime juice

1/2 OZ of simple syrup or honey

A bit of water, or soda water

(optional) 1/2 OZ of orange liqueur (Cointreau is the classic choice for margaritas, but Triple Sec or something similar would work as well)

All you gotta do is vigorously stir the 3 or 4 ingredients together in a glass with ice, and boom you’re ready to serve it. I personally like mine with ice still in it, but you could strain it if you’d like. You’ll wanna pour a bit of water or soda water (if you like it fizzy) over it, otherwise it’ll be really strong. Normally, you’d rim the glass with salt when making margaritas, but honestly, this is gonna cause more of a mess than anything when you’re doing it in a dorm room.

The orange liqueur is optional, but it does provide for a tastier drink. What’s cool about margaritas is that you can alter the recipe according to your own personal taste. I personally like my drinks more sour than sweet, so I’d use more lime juice than sweetener. But feel free to do the opposite, if you like your drinks sweet (I’m looking at you, freshmen).

4.) Red Sucker

I f*cking hate vodka. More than anything. But I know a bunch of you basic f*cks love that stuff, so I had to include one vodka cocktail. Chances are, you’ll probably really like this one. I wouldn’t personally drink it, but my friends really do enjoy it.

2 OZ of vodka

2 OZ of cranberry juice

2 OZ of orange juice

(optional) a splash of lime juice

Pour all the ingredients into a glass with ice and stir vigorously until well combined. The lime juice is optional, but if you like your drinks sour like me, it’s a nice touch.

I hope you guys try some of these out. They’re so easy to make and honestly really tasty and they definitely give you a good buzz. If you liked this article, let us know and we’ll keep similar ones coming!