• Jason Wheeler

3 Things You Should Do This Reading Break in Vancouver! | Best Things To Do in Vancouver (February)

It’s finally reading break! Time to forget all about the endless list of work that has been piling on since the start of the semester and it’s time for some de-stressing. So with less than 1 week till classes start back up, here are 3 things you should do this reading break.

Things to do on reading break

1 – Dine Out Vancouver

If you’re new to Vancouver, you may never have heard of Dine Out before, so in brief it is essentially a month straight where restaurants across Vancouver offer special menus for special prices so that people can experiment with new restaurants. Dine out has a variety of different restaurants to try from, and just about every single good restaurant participates in it, so it is a great opportunity to find new restaurants that you might fall in love with. Usually the dine out menu consists of a 3 course meal (sometimes 5 or 7 courses) so you’ll get a chance to sample an appetizer, a main course and a dessert all for a set price. Dine out prices typically range from $15-55 depending on the quality of the restaurant, and are hands down the best time to try new restaurants. You can find all the participating restaurants here: https://www.dineoutvancouver.com and can check out their menus too!

Dine out Vancouver

2 – Visit the mountains for some skiing or snowboarding

With the recent snowfalls in Vancouver, people have been flocking to the mountains to hit the slopes. As the skiing season is nearing its end, the mountains are quite busy and so you’ll need to book your ticket in advance. It is strongly recommended to check out your respective mountain’s website and check the availability sooner rather than later. For people new to Vancouver, some of the popular mountains to go skiing at are Cypress, Grouse Mountain and then, if you’re up for a commute, there’s Whistler Blackcomb. There are of course many others, but those are the three that come up most often. Each mountain offers ski and snowboard rentals and if you don’t already own your own equipment, you’ll be able to find a full set there.

Grouse skiing trip image

3 – Catch up on class work

What’s the best way to de-stress? Get to the root of the problem. For most people that’s the endless series of assignments, pre-readings, and other university commitments. So one option this reading break is to catch up on all of your university work, or even better, get ahead on your coursework. It might not help you relax right now, but your future self will sure as heck thank you later. Even if you don’t fully catch up, any progress is good progress.

computer class work university

Anyway, there are 3 things that you should definitely do during this reading break.