#12 New Album/Song Reviews (feat. Luke Combs, Keith Urban)

The Speed Of Now Part 1 - Keith Urban

Keith Urban speed of now part 1

Overall I haven’t been a huge Keith Urban fan in a while just because I think he’s gotten away from the sound that made him popular. He’s got a couple songs that are basically pop songs on this album and a couple that sound a lot more country. The direction and sound of the album is confusing to me is it a country album or is it a pop album? 

Overall I’d give the album a solid 3.5/10

Songs I enjoyed from the album

  1. One Too Many

  2. Live With

Without You - Luke Combs feat. Amanda Shires

Luke combs without you

This song kind of reminds me of “Even Though I’m Leaving” which isn’t a bad thing because that was a pretty solid song. I really enjoyed this song, was well written and it had a tempo that you can just vibe with and sing along to. The lyrics are substantial like they actually mean something and he’s telling a story with the lyrics. 

Overall I’d give the song a solid 10/10