#11 New Album/Song Releases (feat. Riley Green Florida Georgia Line And More)

If It Wasn’t For Trucks EP - Riley Green 

If it wasn't for trucks -  Riley green

The title of this EP doesn't get much more country than that. Overall I enjoyed this EP but not as much as some of the other EP’s, albums and songs he’s put out in the past. There’s a good mix of some upbeat and some slow down songs which was good. Most of the songs have some solid catchy melodies and have an authentic sound and it wasn't over produced. It’s also that Riley Green on this EP only sang about cars and trucks really and not about a broader spectrum of topics like he has on previous work which was also a little boring but I guess you could say that’s what country music is.  

Overall I’d give the EP a solid 7/10

Songs I enjoyed from the EP

  1. Jesus and Wranglers

  2. If I Didn’t Wear Boots

  3. If It Wasn’t For Trucks

My First Car - Meghan Patrick

my first car Meghan Patrick

I really liked the beat and the bit of twang in her voice which sounded awesome. The song was pretty catchy actually and was written for the topic of the song. I feel like songs that are about beers and trucks aren’t really that great overall. I really liked her sound but I think if she chose a song with more substance it would get more people on board with her music.

Overall I’d give the song a solid 6/10

Long Live - Florida Georgia Line

long live Florida Georgia line

Florida Georgia Line have always been able to write good songs and this one I feel lacks a little something that the other songs they’ve co wrote or released in the past have. It’s not a bad song overall but this isn’t a song I’d be searching through my playlist to have and it’s super repetitive so if you listened to it once you’ve listened to it 100 times.

Overall I’d give the song a solid 5.5/10