#10 New Country Songs/Album Release Review (feat. HARDY And Lauren Alaina)

Updated: Sep 8, 2020


A rock, HARDY album cover

HARDY has proven to us that he’s a very good writer that makes very catchy melodies with lyrics that everyone can follow. The album starts with the song “TRUCK” which is just a meh song for me overall. It's something that you can listen to once or twice and be ok but I don’t think it’s one of those ones you’d like to search through your playlist for, I think “BOYFRIEND” would’ve been a better song to start the album off. It’s a little tough trying to one up an album like “THE HIXTAPE” so it’s not really surprising this album came up a little short in my mind. 

Overall I’d give the album a 6.5/10

Songs I enjoyed from the album

  1. Give Heaven Some Hell

  2. So Close feat. Ashland Craft

  3. Broke Boy

  4. Boyfriend

  5. A Rock

Getting Over Him - Lauren Alaina 

Getting Over Him - Lauren Alaina

Songs on this album are a little sub par with some good melodies but there’s a couple songs that aren’t too bad but definitely not really my cup of tea. Can’t really say too much about the album, think it could have some better production and writing. That’s about it really.

Overall I’d give the album a 3.5/10

Songs I enjoyed from the album

  1. Getting Over Him (feat. Jon Pardi)