• Matt Brown

10 Hip-Hop Songs of 2020 That Should Definitely Be In Your Playlist / Best of 2020 So Far

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

These are 10 of the best songs that I’ve personally picked out for you, which have been released from January 2020 onwards. There shouldn’t be too many surprises, as most of these songs are already well known and well received, but I’ll still give my reasonings behind each choice. If by chance you happen to see a song here that you actually haven’t heard yet, then I highly recommend giving that song a listen. One last thing to note, I’ll be doing the order of this list in chronological order from the start of 2020 onwards, for the sake of organization. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Meet The Woo 2 Cover Art

Element by Pop Smoke - Released February 7th

Pop Smoke hit the rap scene in 2019 with his raw, dark single Dior. His sound was so different, yet surprisingly good, that almost everyone knew he was gonna be something special. With his newfound hype, this made his next album highly anticipated. With the eventual release of Meet The Woo 2, "Element" was one of the standout songs. With a catchy hook and a memorable beat, this song almost sounds like something you’d hear during a training montage. If you’ve heard the song, you'd easily understand why this is one of the better songs of 2020.

Eternal Atake Cover Art

P2 by Lil Uzi Vert - Released March 6th

While Eternal Atake most definitely did not live up to the hype, there were still some decent songs on the project. One of the most creative songs that people took notice to was "P2". The genius of Lil Uzi Vert and TM88 created an audio trip down memory lane through a remix of "XO TOUR Llif3". To remix one of your own hit songs, especially one that absolutely dominated 2017 summer, was unheard of. I remember initially listening to "P2" and just being stunned with what I was hearing. It is apparent to me that some people may find it lazy, but I have to disagree. There’s still many differences between the two songs, yet it’s still clearly connected to "XO TOUR Llif3".

Heaven or Hell Cover Art

Cardigan by Don Toliver - Released March 13th

This is one of the choices that may surprise you. I’d say it’s safe to assume most of you have heard of "After Party" by Don Toliver, but not "Cardigan". This song was released on the same album (Heaven or Hell), but "After Party" seemed to be the clear winner in terms of popularity. I’m here to tell you not to believe the hype all the time. "After Party" is a very good turn up song and features a high paced atmosphere that a lot of people find attractive. The reason I put "Cardigan' over "After Party" is solely for the reason that it actually feels like a journey of a song. The one issue I find with "After Party", is that it’s a very linear song. On the other hand, "Cardigan" gives the combination of various highs and lows, with Don Toliver’s impressive and unique vocals. All of this makes for a memorable song with tons of replay value. People may disagree with me, but personally I believe 'Cardigan" is better than After Party, thus securing it a spot on the list.

The Scotts Cover Art

THE SCOTTS by Travis Scott and Kid Cudi - Released April 24th

Talk about a memorable release… at least for the 10 year olds. If you’re unaware, Travis Scott had a collab with Fortnite in April that had a virtual version of himself performing a variety of songs in a concert fashion on the Fortnite platform. It was kind of cool and kinda lame at the same time. It’s hard to pinpoint how most people felt about it. Regardless, Travis Scott previewed a new song during the “concert”. This song was eventually released and it turned out to be a collab with Kid Cudi. If you didn’t know, the reason for why it’s called THE SCOTTS is because of Kid Cudi’s real name : Scott Mescudi, who actually inspired Jacques Webster for the creation of his own name : Travis Scott. This song is a pure banger and is on the list for that reason.

My Turn Deluxe Cover Art

We Paid by Lil Baby and 42 Dugg - Released May 1st

42 Dugg opens for this song and makes a good first impression on the track, and as well with new fans that have never heard him before. With a voice that I would compare to Kodak Black, it contrasts well with Lil Baby when they trade lines during the chorus. The beat has dark undertones and manages to hit hard, while the two artists float on it without any noticeable flaws. A solid song that fully deserves to be on this list. 

Need It Cover Art

Need It (featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again) by Migos - Released May 22nd

Personally I’m surprised this song didn’t chart better than it did. A recipe for success, NBA YoungBoy and Offset trade lines with pure tenacity in the chorus and the first verse, while Quavo and Takeoff trade lines flawlessly in the second verse. With a high paced beat that samples 50 Cent’s "Get In My Car", I couldn’t find anything wrong with this song. To me, it was a good sign for Migos as they were coming off of a poorly received prior project, Culture 2, so this song gives hope for the future.

Wunna Cover Art

Dollaz On My Head (feat Young Thug) by Gunna - Released May 22nd

The ultimate chill song. Gunna floats and flows smoothly over a Mike WiLL Made-It beat with Young Thug contributing a very respectable and appropriate verse. This song is so unbelievably chill, that it could probably be played in front of your grandma and she wouldn’t say anything. Not to mention how catchy the song is, it’s almost impossible to not sing along if you know the lyrics.

Whats Poppin Remix Cover Art

What’s Poppin (Remix) [feat. DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne] by Jack Harlow - Released June 24

The original What’s Poppin proved to fans that Jack Harlow was gonna stick around and be someone to watch out for. Apparently other artists thought so too, as he manages to feature on a collection of other songs, all the while he also hosts a trio of guests on the remix of his most popular song. When this song dropped, I remember people were ranking and debating about who had better verses. And for good reason too. The way each artist performs, it almost seems that they wanted to show off how hard they can go on this beat. A very memorable remix with some of the best performances we’ve heard in a while. 

Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon Cover Art

Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) by Pop Smoke - Released July 3rd

After Pop Smokes untimely death, it saddens me to say that he gained even more attention than what he had when he was alive. Regardless, anticipation for a posthumous album was on the rise. When it did come, it brought forth a wide selection of good songs. I liked a lot of the tunes that were released, but the one I always come back to is "Snitching". If you can get past the “FORTY YEARS” skit at the beginning, it’s a very good song. Buddah Bless makes a great beat where all 3 artists seem to bounce on it with their signature flows. Pop Smoke is definitely the standout voice in this song, as he comes in with the dark overtones and enveloping voice. With all this in mind, It’s impossible not to nod your head to this song.

Legends Never Die Cover Art

Wishing Well by Juice WRLD - Released July 10th

Another posthumous song, this song sticks around because it’s literally a classic Juice WRLD song. As in classic, I mean an upbeat sad song that has a clear cut melody to it. A catchy hook combined with Juice’s pristine vocals, there’s nothing to dislike about this formula. It reminds me of a song that we could've seen on his breakout album : Goodbye & Good Riddance. It was good to see how they handled Juice’s posthumous album and that they released respectable and good songs in honor of him.