• Matt Brown

10 Essential Late Night Hip-Hop / R&B Songs

With November in full swing and the sun setting at 5pm, what other way than to embrace the night with a collection of somber and atmospheric tunes. Best described as the grey area between a sad song, slow song, and a chill song, a “late night” song could provide you with meaning and atmosphere to your otherwise regular night.

We'd also like to point out that this list is not ranked in any order. There were (and still are) a lot of songs to consider, so if you don’t see one that deserves to be on this list, let us know in the comments and be on the lookout for a part 2.

With that being said, here is our collection.


Canal St. (feat. Bones) - A$AP Rocky

Released in 2015, “Canal St.” is one of A$AP Rocky’s best songs. Taking a slower approach with an intoxicating beat, Bones performs a strange, yet surprisingly good chorus, while A$AP slides over the track in his signature style.

T R A P S O U L cover

Exchange - Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller’s impressive breakout album “T R A P S O U L” had a variety of hit R&B songs. “Exchange” was one of them, which features a looping female vocal sample and pronounced trap drums. Bryson uses his vocal skills to vibe over the track and create a great hit slow song.

Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight cover

first take - Travis Scott

Coming off of Travis Scott’s sophomore album ("Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight") Travis Scott takes a note out of Bryson Tiller’s book and creates one of his best slow songs. Featuring an ambient beat, a catchy chorus, and (surprise surprise) a Bryson Tiller feature, it’s a solid recipe for a late night vibe.

Instinct cover

Instinct (feat. MadeinTYO) - Roy Woods

Staying on the topic of ambient beats, “Instinct” might have one of the best. One of the best mixed songs on this list, Roy Woods and MadeinTYO provide outstanding vocals and emotion over this close to perfect song.


WHAT TO DO? (Feat. Don Toliver) - JACKBOYS & Travis Scott

One of the newer songs on our list, the Travis Scott and Don Toliver duo has yet to fail. The beat to this song is outstandingly atmospheric, and not to mention how unbelievably smooth the “still fucked up” chorus is.

More Life cover

Do Not Disturb - Drake

Another song featuring a looping vocal sample beat, Drake creates a really enjoyable relaxed song. While “More Life” wasn’t the best received, Drake proves that even his most lower ended work can still have great songs.

Hoodie SZN cover

Demons and Angels (feat. Juice WRLD) - A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Combining two of the biggest “late night” oriented artists into one song, it’s no surprise why this sleeper song off of “Hoodie SZN” made this list. Juice WRLD generously gives us a chorus and a verse, while A Boogie meshes in seamlessly.

The Life Of Pablo cover

FML - Kanye West

Kanye gives us an extremely slow paced, melodic song off of “The Life Of Pablo”. What really makes this song so great is the surprise Weeknd feature and the sudden pick up of pace near the end of the track. Section 25 is also sampled on the outro, which adds to the ominousness of the track.

good kid, m.A.A.d. city cover

B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe - Kendrick Lamar

Released in 2012 off of Kendrick’s “good kid, m.A.A.d. city”, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of this song, but at the same time it would be criminal to not include it on our list. Not much to say other than that it’s got a perfect “late night” vibe and a catchy hook.

Dark Sky Paradise cover

I Know (feat. Jhené Aiko) - Big Sean

One of the more unique songs on our list. What makes the song so unique is how weird the beat sounds, but how it surprisingly works. Featuring heavy bass and an extremely slow pace, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko slide over it flawlessly, making for a great “late night” song.